On July 4th Kayleigh McEnany Got up Early to Criticize CBS News For its “Embarrassing” Coverage of Biden

Look, we’ve all known for years that our media is controlled by the CIA. It’s always been this way; most of us didn’t realize it until we elected a president.

The jackals were forced to remove their masks by an “outsider” who turned everything upside down.

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The masks can never be put back on now that they’ve been taken off. It’s one of those instances when you can’t seem to get the toothpaste back into the tube.

Even though we all know who and what our fake news media is, seeing them in full-fledged “propaganda mode” might be scary.

And that’s probably what Kayleigh McEnany was thinking when she saw this on July 4th morning.

Allow me to set the scene for you:

On Saturday, Biden was in Michigan…

After completing his so-called “business,” he went to yet another ice cream store…

“Joe, if you behave yourself today, you’ll get an ice cream cone!” his Handlers seem to say.

Isn’t he treated like a child because that’s how he acts? He’s absolutely vanished.

Anyway, he appeared utterly out of it in this ice cream shop, lost, confused, and slurring his words – nearly “drugged up.” A question on Russia was posed to him by the press pool.

At first, it appeared that Shaky Joe was attempting to answer the question on his own – God help him – but things didn’t go so well, so he had to stop what he was doing and reach into his coat pocket, pulling out what appeared to be “flashcards” that he could read off of to assist him in answering the question.

My God…this is the ostensibly free world’s leader? I want you to close your eyes and envision how the media would react if President Trump made the same move…

Yes, you can see it now, can’t you? PANIC is on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with TV psychiatrists advocating for Trump to be institutionalized.

And if Trump did that, they would be right to call him out – because this was a significant deal, as it was perhaps the most perplexed and “scared” Joe Biden has ever appeared – even worse than the terrible G7 Summit, which is saying a lot because that was a complete disaster.

Nonetheless, our worthless propaganda news made no note of it – not even a single word – instead, those hard-hitting journalists discussed what kind of ice cream Joe had ordered (HE GOT CHOCOLATE CHIPS, GUYS!!!).

Kayleigh, who was enraged beyond comprehension, confronted them.

“President Joe Biden completed his journey to Michigan with a trip to a local ice cream shop,” CBS reported.

He placed an order for vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips in a waffle cone –– with two scoops.”

What is a waffle cone? Wow, you didn’t say… That’s incredible… Please, CBS, give us more information…


Kayleigh’s retort to this ludicrous “journalism” was as follows: “This is ground-breaking reporting. Embarrassing….”


The following is a link to a video:

Here are some more remarks about our government-run media’s clown-show “reporting”:

“It’s very subtle, but if you have a trained eye, a thorough understanding of the literature, and an academic background in media ecology, you can detect a slight difference in the way that the media covered the previous president and this one 🙄”

“I can imagine CBS coverage if this were Trump: “What ordering Vanilla tells us about Trump’s view of White Supremacy. Impeachment hearings set for noon tomorrow.””

“It’s like the media is covering a 5 year old celebrity, not the man who supposed to be questioned about inflation, rise of fuel, giving Putin gas pipeline, ending military aid to Ukraine, giving terror Ayatollahs billions, letting the Taliban takeover Afghanistan, border crisis”

“Remember when the media lost their shit because Trump had 2 scoops?”

“Let us know when “dr” Jill changes his diaper.”

“I like ice cream too… but what is it with the constant ice cream news with Joe Biden.”

“This is an embarrassment.”

“This might be the greatest story of 2021. Journalism is back! LOL” 

“Great news, CBS. You are really doing the people’s work here. Covering the hard news…” 

People, we don’t have a “president” any longer.

We have an elderly gentleman who is shuffled from ice cream parlor to ice cream parlor, eating his “sweet treats” before bedtime.

And our media doesn’t seem to mind; it’s their job to disregard this truth and make it appear as if everything is perfectly normal.

It’s completely good and lovely, according to our media, to have a full-blown dementia patient ruling the country…

At the very least, he doesn’t say hurtful things on Twitter, right? Not to mention the fact that he probably has no idea what a “tweet” is… Joe, just shut up and eat more ice cream.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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