Omicron Variant: Biden Will Order Strict Regulations On US Air Travel

The Omicron has “landed safely” into our homeland. It is already here. And we can’t be certain that this variant travels from one person to another, or it simply exists and mutates…

As a matter of fact, I can recall one report, proving that there was no single piece of evidence that each COVID infected patient got the virus from another person…

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“Multiple federal health officials told the outlet that in preparation for the Biden administration’s winter COVID protocols there will be strict testing requirements for all travelers entering the United States, including Americans,” the Washington Post reported.

“All air travelers that plan to enter the US will be expected to submit a negative COVID test within one day of departure despite vaccination status. The current policies include submitting a negative COVID test within 24 hrs for those that are unvaccinated, while those that are vaccinated are allowed to 72 hrs.”

Furthermore, Biden and Fauci have both waited for such a thing, since they’ve already started preparing the Christmas quarantines and restrictive measures.

“President Biden is weighing controversial protocols that would require all travelers, including US citizens, to self-quarantine for seven days even if they submit negative test results.”

“The new restrictions come after President Biden announced the United States would be blocking air travel to and from South Africa, where reports of the alleged omicron strain originated. During Biden’s presidential campaign, Biden slammed former President Donald Trump for alleged “xenophobia” after Trump announced he would restrict air travel from certain countries to reduce the spread of COVID.”

Do you think this was scenes news?

How did they figure it out?!

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