O’Keefe Torches Jake Tapper Over Pedophile Producer Scandal In His Latest Interview With Posobiec!

“The whole point of journalism is to report on things that they don’t want reported on. Otherwise, you’re just an ombudsman for the fraudsters,” O’Keefe said.

PV founder O’Keefe blasted CNN’s Jake Tapper over the embattled left-wing network’s pedophile producer scandal in the shocking video with Human Events editor Jack Posobiec.

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Posobiec Interviewed O’Keefe in Phoenix, AZ, mid-month for a special episode of the Human Events Daily show.

The best reports of O’Keefe investigative PV published uncovered another pedo scandal with another CNN producer.

The videos and texts PV revealed show a primetime producer at CNN who fantasized about sex acts with a child.
PV released the name of the CNN staffer, Rick Saleeby, who appeared in Fairfax County, Virginia, court Tuesday.
Saleeby didn’t want to answer.

“So my question is: Is Rick Saleeby still working for CNN? Jake Tapper, what say you? What is the status of your employee? Last time you secretly fired Steve Brusk. That was another guy we exposed,” O’Keefe questioned.

“What I want to ask Jasper Tapper though is: ‘Jake, when I do this work, and I’m on TV, and you’re on TV, Jake, there’s a thing called the IFB. And that’s that little headphone that goes in your ear. And what you are listening to is that it’s your producer’s voice. You always hear whether on the other side of the glass or whoever it was or the camera, the lights, etc.’ I don’t think there’s anyone else on Earth who’s more qualified to identify that voice than Jake Tapper himself,” O’Keefe said. Posobiec added, “He won’t do it.”

“So Jake, just tell us yes or no. Is that the voice?” O’Keefe fired off.

“Twitter took down the video, and it was at one point 1.3 million views,” Posobiec said. “Why is Twitter taking down a video exposing this guy who’s fantasized about an underage girl?” These two attacked the Biden administration DOJ waged months-long law fares against O’Keefe and PV.

“This was something that quite literally came to you and came to your doorstep,” Posobiec said.
Biden’s admin weaponized the DOJ to continue fighting against the PV to get Ashley Biden’s diary. The possession of the diary of Biden’s daughter is really important. The FBI raided two residencies associated with PV and linked to the diary.

“They’ve sort of crossed a Rubicon that they’ve never yet crossed before,” O’Keefe said. “And they were doing it sort of because I am a journalist.”

“They don’t believe in equal justice under the law,” O’Keefe continued.

“It’s the law of non-contradiction. The whole point of journalism is to report on things that they don’t want reported on. Otherwise, you’re just an ombudsman for the fraudsters,” O’Keefe quipped.

“Where do things stand now or, as far as you know, are able to tell us?” he asked.
O’Keefe said that the Obama judge in the Southern District of NY called the sovereign district because they do what they want.

“We don’t know the basics because the affidavit is sealed when the magistrate judge signs it,” O’Keefe replied.

“Whoever made this decision, they made a mistake…” O’Keefe fired back at the prosecutorial witch hunt. “And now it’s come out that the thing looks like it wasn’t even stolen. And even if it was, which I didn’t know if it was at the time, I had my First Amendment right to publish whatever someone gave to me. And I chose not to publish it.

And I chose to try to ask for comment,” O’Keefe stressed.

“Why did you do that? I thought you said you weren’t going to publish the diary,” O’Keefe said.

“Well, yes. I made the decision. Editorially, I couldn’t authenticate it. I wasn’t certain that it was hers. And I wasn’t certain if the things inside of the diary happened, but I still felt it was a good idea to call for comment or have Jared, my lawyer, reach out to them and see what they had to say.”

“One of [the CPP’s] most infamous tactics was the struggle session,” Posobiec stated.

“And the show trial, making someone get up in front of their peers, repudiate themselves, admit that they did wrong and have internalized that—I think that’s where they’re going with you,” Posobiec.

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