Officials Panic as The General Assembly Makes a Massive, Damning Discovery About Voter Roles

The state of Georgia is a shambles when it comes to election integrity, according to the discredited secretary of state, anti-Trump GOP RINO Brad Raffensperge.

Brad and his official stooges are obliged to address the election integrity issues as a result of widespread public uproar.

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One of the ways they achieve this is through voter rolls…

Officials are rushing, and liberals are angry, as a result of what they’ve recently discovered.

According to the Western Journal, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger disclosed the names of tens of thousands of people who will be removed from voter rolls until they update their information.

As ominous as the removal of tens of thousands of people from voter rolls may appear to those who insist on seeing all conventional election procedures as oppression and intolerance, it’s all legal, according to WSB-TV Atlanta. Not only are those set to be removed mostly due to outdated addresses, but even the significant discovery that over 100,000 voters’ information may be out of current is a fraction of what it has been in previous years.

“The vast majority of the more than 101,000 people on the list had returned election mail or had completed change of address paperwork to the post office,” the source reported.

These individuals now have 40 days to check their status on the internet and update it, or they will be removed off the list.

As you might expect, the left is exploiting this to promote their favorite claim: that voter integrity is “racist.”

When it comes to voting, the left wants nothing near to “integrity.”

They won’t be able to win that way.

To win anything these days, they need loose rules, anarchy, and a lot of mail-in ballots.



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