OFFICIALLY: The Second 2020 Election Forensic Audit In The U.S. Starts TODAY In Windham, New Hampshire!

Are we playing DOMINO?

Today, the second 2020 election forensic audit in the U.S. begins! The second state that audits the 2020 election is Windham, New Hampshire. The first state was Arizona, Maricopa County, and it’s scheduled to finish on time.

As we said, today begins the second audit, so more battleground states are taking note. At this moment, the auditors are waiting for the ballot counting devices’ arrival.

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This audit is another domino in the row that will expose the election fraud from 2020. Vote counts were off by as much as 8% in Windham.

Recently, a town hall open to the public was held related to the audit. There, hundreds of people appeared to support the audit and seek legitimate, unbiased auditors.

A local NBC affiliate has more details about the audit starting today.

A dispute about the vote count in a New Hampshire legislative election is driving a debate among conservatives about the fairness of the country’s election process.

Kristi St. Laurent, who ran for a House seat in the 2020 election, requested a recount after losing the 2020 election by 24 votes.

The debate over the integrity of the election in Windham has prompted Trump supporters to suggest the dispute could illustrate wider problems with the election system. Former President Donald Trump joined the fray, promoting his broader claim of election fraud from 2020.

According to the Associated Press, the dust-up shows just how far Trump’s election lies, and the search for evidence to support them has burrowed into American politics, even at the local level.

In the nation’s capital, House Republicans are fighting over what some call the “Big Lie.”

In Arizona, lawmakers are conducting a partisan “recount.” And now it’s playing out in small-town Windham, New Hampshire, where there’s a fight over last year’s state House election.

New Hampshire Secretary of State William M. Gardner and Attorney General John M. Formella said in a press release Sunday afternoon that the audit will begin Tuesday, May 11.

“The Forensic Election Audit Team will begin the Audit on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, at 10 A.M. Pursuant to New Hampshire Senate Bill 43, the forensic election audit must take place within 45 days of the effective date of April 12, 2021, which is May 27, 2021,” officials said in the release.


Corey Lewandowski, a current Trump adviser who calls Windham home and told the Associated Press he talked to Trump about the state’s races on Monday, said the large turnout at the board meeting showed that voters are “gravely concerned that the election system is not properly secured and that there is the potential at least for results that don’t align with what voters want.”

Lewandowski told the Associated Press the results in Windham suggested a statewide audit was necessary to check other vote-counting machines. “Unless a recount was done in these other communities, we don’t know if the machine tallies are accurate,” he said. “The larger concerns is this: if people don’t believe that there is integrity in the voting process, they won’t participate. That is the real issue.”

Since the end of the 2020 elections, there hasn’t been one audit. Maricopa and Windham are the first two counties that have a forensic audit.

If a fraud happened, the recount would only recount the fraudulent ballot. Bear in mind that RECOUNT IS DIFFERENT FROM AUDIT!

Windham made headlines due to conservative’s will that no biased auditors could participate. It’s the poof that residents want to know the truth, regardless if it’s good or bad! Political operatives with an agenda aren’t allowed to be auditors.

Uncover DC reported that Windham residents want to know the truth!

The momentum for election integrity in Windham, NH, continues to gain strength, with the forensic audit mandated by SB43 set to begin tomorrow, Tuesday, May 11. Meanwhile, the Board of Selectmen continues to ignore the town’s overwhelming objection of the three auditors chosen. At the same time, the NH Voter Integrity Group’s canvassing efforts have collected thousands of signatures of residents who want to bring in outside expert Jovan Pulitzer as the auditor for the people.

Following a unanimous vote in the NH legislature, SB43 came about on Mar. 11 to better understand what happened with votes in Windham between election night on Nov. 3 and a Nov. 12 recount in a state race between 8 candidates (four Democrats and four Republicans) running for four seats. All four Republicans won, but the fourth-place Republican, Julius Soti, won by just 24 votes. The total votes cast were 10,006, resulting in a .005 percent edge. Due to the razor-thin margin, his challenger, Democrat Kristi St. Laurent, asked for a recount. After the recount, the four Republican candidates each gained approximately 300 votes, and St. Laurent lost 99 votes, and the 24 vote difference of .005 percent grew to a 420 vote difference—a 9.6 percent discrepancy.

As previously reported by UncoverDC, Windham resident and election integrity advocate Ken Eyring and Secretary of State (SoS) Bill Gardner had several discussions as SB43 was crafted. In a Mar. 6 announcement, Eyring was pleased with what he, Gardner, and others had negotiated, sharing details of their agreement, which included:

Below is a summary of what we agreed to regarding the SB43 audit of the Windham, NH November 3, 2020, General Election. The audit will be completed within 45 days after SB43 is signed into law.

1. All four of the Windham, NH AccuVote voting machines and ballots will be forensically analyzed by a team of forensic analysts. One forensic analyst will be chosen from each of the two groups below to perform a full forensic analysis.

a. Harry Hursti, Ron Rivest, or Andrew Appel (Picked by the Secretary)

b. Col. Phil Waldron, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (The SOS will allow me to choose)

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer will be asked to be a member of the forensic team.

For reasons that are not clear, the above agreement did not make it into the final draft of SB43 as Eyring expected. Besides the selection of auditors not occurring as mentioned in the deal between Eyring and SoS Gardner, a closer look at SB43, along with a May 7 op-ed in GraniteGrok by resident Sarah Riggs Ibanez, raises questions about what exactly will take place tomorrow when the audit begins. Ibanez points out that excluded entirely from the bill is the auditing of ballots—forensic or otherwise. There is no stipulation for the forensic auditing of the machines, their internal control structures, or the ballots themselves. Ibanez elaborates further on SB43, adding:

Having caught the attention of President Trump, the American patriots of Windham are undeterred. Their determination for transparency is fueled by the knowledge that all three auditors selected to perform the forensic audit—Mark Lindeman, Harri Hursti, and Philip Stark—have expressed past objections to audits of the 2020 election, as well as publicly declaring in a joint statement there was no credible evidence of computer fraud in the 2020 election.

Right now, there is a massive canvassing campaign underway, driven by the NH Integrity Voting Group, to obtain as many signatures as possible to bring in Jovan Pulitizer. They also just filed an injunction. Three local residents, Ken Eyring, Lisa Mazur, and Tom Murray, were on with Marcus Dee over the weekend discussing the support they’re receiving while out canvassing, noting that over 70 percent of Windham residents are listening and signing the petition to bring in Pulitzer. Murray expressed frustration over the lack of due diligence in the selection of the auditors. Eyring commented on the mission, which is a bipartisan mission for the freedom of our country, adding:

“So, my position has always been, “I am not taking a position.” I don’t know what the answer is, but I know that there are a lot of other people out there that really want to understand what happened in Windham. Did somebody have a human error… did somebody feed ballots through the machine twice … I don’t think that can happen because once a ballot goes in, it’s in the bin. It’s not accessible anymore, but was there some kind of procedural error, did the optical scanner have a mechanical failure, did somebody program them…? These are the types of machines you can go on the internet and see that within 10 minutes, somebody could shove a memory card in there, and it could literally change the outcome of the vote.”


If one country is democratic, it must be based on transparency!

What do you think, what state will be the next domino to fall?

Share your suggestion in the comment section below or on our Telegram Chanel.

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