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OFFICIAL: Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines Last ‘6+ Months’, May Need Boosters

According to new studies, the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine will last “at least” six months, but new booster shots will be needed as the vaccine’s quasi-immunity fades or new COVID-19 strains develop.

“New evidence indicates the Moderna vaccine provides defense against COVID-19 for at least six months,” according to ABC Chicago, and “the article Tuesday in the New England Journal of Medicine echoes what Pfizer said last week about its vaccine, which works in a similar way.”

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Booster shots will be required for those wishing to be completely immunized against the disease, lest they lose the 99 percent recovery rate, if the level of immunity provided by the vaccines – which do not prevent individuals from contracting COVID-19, but rather reduce symptoms – falters, or if variants of the China-originated virus are not regulated by the vaccine.

“Both Pfizer and Moderna have stated that they are working to upgrade their vaccines, or possibly design a booster shot, in case variants are needed,” ABC 7 said.

The research, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, included 33 people who “had blood drawn over 6 months of vaccination” and “#SARSCoV2 neutralizing activity was preserved in all the patients.”

“A half-life of 202 days was estimated for the live-virus neutralization activity,” according to NEJM on Twitter, which would be just over six months, necessitating another dose of the vaccine.

This comes after scientists discovered a connection between the competing AstraZeneca vaccine and brain blood clots. “We may now state it is clear that there is a correlation (with brain blood clots) with the vaccine,” Marco Cavaleri, the chair of the EMA’s vaccine evaluation committee, told the Italian newspaper Il Messagero, according to National File. While Cavaleri was certain that there was a “strong correlation” between the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots, he added that “the exact cause of the deadly brain clots is still unknown.”


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