Observations on The Church and The State: ‘This Changes Everything’

Some revolutionary politicians used to remind us: “Don’t let a crisis go to waste.” And Naomi Klein, whose criticism of disaster capitalism my husband once honored, recently claimed in light of the purported threat of a climate crisis: “This changes everything.”

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It seems that God has a similar way of talking to us, yet with very different goals.

He lets a crisis in society and in the Church take place so that mankind can amend its ways and find its way back to Him. Just as in our personal lives, it sometimes takes a shocking event to wake us up and change our ways.

Here’s a priest’s thought:

“Basically men of the Church and state are attacking the most fundamental truths and our most fundamental rights according to the natural and the supernatural law and we must rally around these basic truths and then build up from there.” He continued: “we must unite in these truths and defend our rights. We have the right to bodily integrity and informed consent and cannot be morally coerced to enter into a medical experiment against our will. If we do not win this battle and are disabled by the injection or forced into poverty by the mandates there will be no leisure to discuss the finer points of politics. We have the right to the traditional Sacraments and the Mass of all time and if we lose this battle we will be spiritually disabled and impoverished and thus unable to work for the restoration of the Church.”

What do you have to say to this?

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