Obama Hints That Dems Plan To Cheat In The Virginia Governor’s Election!

Obama signaled that the Dems were planning to cheat during the Virginia governor’s election. In front of the crowd at a ticketed event, Obama endorsed candidate Terry McAuliffe and stated that the voters could cast their ballots for him in the mail.

“Before we start anything else, I want to remind you and everybody who’s watching, you don’t have to wait until November 2nd to cast your ballot,” he said. “You can vote early, right now. Either by mail or in person.”

“Don’ be lollygalling [sic],” he said. “Don’t be, don’t be sitting on the couch saying, ‘I’ll get to it later.’ You can vote early right now. If you get a ballot at home, you can return it by mail. Or you can hand it in at your local registrar’s office. Or you can take it to a drop-off location today. Don’t leave it on your desk.”

“Millions of Virginians voted early next year,” Obama continued. “Let’s do it again this year.”

Terry McAuliffe is a former DNC Chair and ex-Virginia Governor, and he is running for reelection, having Glenn Youngkin as a political rival. He’s a political newcomer. According to the latest poll, both of them show 46%, with some undecided.

The turnout at Virginia Commonwealth University was modest. It’s wasn’t Biden-level paltry, but it was underwhelming. Ralph Northam was one of the speakers, and others were Tim Kaine, Terry McAuliffe, and Obama.

“Just hours before the event, the former president endorsed 21 other Virginia Democrats running for office,” WAVY reported.

This is how Obama looked in 2012.

Youngkin holds a statewide bus tour with stops in Han over, Richmond, Midlothian, and Glenn Allen.
Dozens of McAuliffe organizers turned out, and they were maskless, so the Dems moved on, acting like the pandemic isn’t attacking some voters. Those are the Virginias that go to supermarkets and football games, and they are treated as if voting represents a particular case asking no-excuse mass absentee ballots, causing severe questions about the election integrity.

WRIC reported that Virginia implemented ballot drop boxes in the middle of the pandemic.

WRIC also reported this:

“Gov. Ralph Northam (D) signed legislation in early September to allow localities to have ballot drop boxes inside and outside local registrar’s offices, at satellite voting sites and polling locations on Election Day,”

“Before the measure was passed, Virginia Democrats stressed that the boxes would provide a secure alternative for voters to drop off their ballots without having to mail them or going to the post office, while Republican lawmakers argued that the drop boxes could create opportunities for voter fraud,”

The regulations showed that the ballots’ security was far from secure.

“The standards, which were provided to 8News, state that localities can decide whether to have a secure drop box or one monitored by a staff member,” the report said. “Secure drop boxes ‘must be constructed of durable material able to withstand vandalism, removal, and inclement weather, and be securely fastened to prevent moving or tampering’ and a video surveillance system must monitor them.”

“Staffed locations do not need to use a dropbox, and instead may have ballots placed into either 1) a container placed behind a counter, or 2) a portable container that can be transported to a curbside or mobile voting area,” the Virginia Department of Elections stated. The absentee ballots from inside the boxes are scheduled to be gathered twice a day, “by two officers of election representing the two major political parties,”

One Report from Capital Research Center on the 2020 election shows an extensive interference in the Virginia election with the drop boxes, and Zuckerberg was involved too.

“Many Americans now know that Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg interfered in the 2020 election, pouring $350 million into an obscure Chicago-based nonprofit that redistributed the funds to county elections officials nationwide. What they might not know is just how widespread those grants were,” the Capital Research Center stated.

“Meet the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL), a group that burst into prominence after Zuckerberg increased the tiny nonprofit’s revenues—just $1.4 million in 2018—by a bewildering 24,900 percent in the lead-up to the 2020 election. CTCL used its newfound fortune to funnel five-, six-, seven-, even eight-figure grants to the government officials responsible for administering the 2020 election—with devastating results for Republicans,” their report continued.

“Now we’ve traced nearly $4 million from CTCL to Virginia, a state Democrats have eagerly colonized from their holdfast in Washington, DC, transforming the once-reliable Republican Old Dominion into a leftist stronghold,” the report added. “In the spirit of disclosure—and because CTCL has not yet publicly disclosed its grant data—CRC has released its data for viewing here.”

The CRC investigated even further and realized that Zuckerberg played a significant role in the 2020 election.

“So what role did CTCL play in the Old Dominion? Virginia was always expected to be firmly in Biden’s grip, so the question isn’t whether CTCL funding flipped the state but rather how much its grants aided turnout in Democratic-leaning counties,” the CRC said. “A list of ‘preliminary grants‘ discovered online notes 38 counties and cities in Virginia that evidently received funding from CTCL. Of these, CRC has uncovered $3,968,221 in grants flowing to 38 Virginia counties and cities (including one not listed in CTCL’s preliminary document), leaving at least one more jurisdiction (Hanover County) that almost certainly received some money from the group.”

“How these funds were spent is generally unclear,” it stated in 2020. “In Fairfax County—the source of Biden’s greatest vote haul and recipient of the largest yet identified CTCL grant ($1,431,950) in Virginia—elections officials used the funds to ‘support in-person early voting’ and ‘vote by mail.’”

Fairfax County spent its funding on,

  • $967,294 for “temporary staffing support.”
  • $59,850 for “vote-by-mail/absentee voting equipment or supplies.”
  • $102,765 for “election administration equipment.”
  • $54,802 for “voting materials in languages other than English.”
  • $58,530 for “security for office and polling locations.”

“Interestingly, categories included in the CTCL form (but which Fairfax didn’t apparently spend money on) include ‘ballot drop boxes,’ ‘drive-through voting,’ and ‘non-partisan voter education,’ as well as less alarming things such as ‘personal protective equipment for staff and cleaning expenses,” the CRC noted. “Fairfax County also applied for a 6-month extension for its grant (the report was filed in late January) to expend its remaining $187,709, which theoretically brings its CTCL funding through July 2021 and primary season for the state’s coming gubernatorial election in November.”

CTCL’s private election funding in Virginia had a tremendous effect.

“The 14 CTCL-funded counties that Biden won received $3,563,610, or 89.8 percent of all the CTCL funds CRC has identified in Virginia,”

“In July 2020, Virginia’s Democratic majority in the state legislature enacted statewide no-excuse absentee voting and early voting,” CRC added as a background. “CTCL effectively bankrolled the Democrats’ biggest step toward replacing Election Day with ‘Election Month’ in the state’s largest county and a leftist stronghold.”

The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society criticized the ballot drop boxes and filed lawsuits requesting accountability about their usage in the elections like in Georgia. The courts will probably dismiss the election integrity lawsuits.

McLaughlin & Associates CEO MC Laughlin for The Georgia Star News explained why Americans are warned about the use of drop boxes.

“The drop boxes which have been devised by President Obama’s former campaign manager David Plouffe and paid for by Mark Zuckerberg’s millions are a partisan tool for unconstitutional Democratic ballot harvesting and fraud,” stated McLaughlin. “The state legislature never authorized them. They are overwhelmingly located in Democratic areas, have no secure chain of custody by the Secretary of State who had no clue where they are coming from and, according to our polls, gave Joe Biden 273,000 net votes in a race that is separate by roughly 12,000 votes out of 5 million.”

“McLaughlin stated that the lack of clarity concerning these drop boxes is disconcerting. He pointed out the suspect nature of the relationship between Big Tech’s involvement in these election processes and their coordinated efforts through fact-checkers, warning labels, and other forms of censorship about the election,” The Georgia Star News noted.

“Who really knows how many fraudulent votes cited by the Amistad Project evidence hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes came via Zuckerberg drop boxes? No wonder Zuckerberg and other Big Tech oligarchs are censoring Americans on social media,” he said. “It’s a coverup. I’ll bet the midnight ballots on the infamous Fulton County videos that were counted on election night after they sent Republican monitors home came from these drop boxes. They stole Georgia from President Trump. Now they will steal the U.S. Senate from the American people.”

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