Obama Says COVID Was A ‘Teachable Moment’ About Spending Trillions

Former President Barack Obama stated on Tuesday to describe the coronavirus pandemic, the cause of millions of people’s deaths, “was a teachable moment” for the U.S. It was a teachable moment for the Americans who were hesitant about the government spending trillions.

“A part of what happens as a result of the pandemic is there’s a teachable moment about, maybe this whole deficit hawk thing of the federal government, just being nervous about our debt 30 years from now, while millions of people are suffering — maybe that’s not a smart way to think about our economics,” Obama said to The New York Times.

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He also said that he believes Americans will have a more open stance to leftist policies under Biden. Obama added that for the Dems, it was crucial to react big on progressive issues to change America’s understanding of the government.

“There are times when that’s presented, I think you try to drive it home as much as possible and get a reorientation of the body politic,” Former President Obama said.

Moreover, he highlighted that Republicans spent $2 trillion on stimulus during the pandemic and added that this presented the benefits of deficit spending!

“I think we’re now in an environment where if we just get some big pieces in place, building on what we did before, people will notice,” he said. “And it will have a political impact.”

According to him, it’s encouraging that people started to understand what it looked like for the authorities to spend trillions of dollars on a particular goal.

“One thing that the pandemic has done is to start getting people to think in scale,” he said. “You can actually put a dollar figure to what it would take to transition to a clean economy.”

“Similarly, maybe it opens up people’s imaginations to say we can actually afford to make this transition,” he said. “There are some sacrifices involved, but we can do it.”

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