Obama/Biden to Release Three Terrorist Killers from Gitmo

The Biden administration declared that three terrorists would be released from Gitmo, but made no mention of plans to free innocent Americans who were detained on January 6th for walking through the US Capitol.
According to The New York Times, Biden’s lawfare group has cleared three terrorists to be released from America’s Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

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Saifullah Paracha is the first to be announced, according to PJ Media. Reporters want to find out that he’s 74 years old and has diabetes and other health issues. Back in the day, however, there were no obstacles to a wealthy businessman aligning himself with Al Qaeda (AQ) and dedicating all of his formidable businesses to the 9/11.

Uthman Abdul al-Rahim is another terrorist that Obama and Biden want to free. According to PJ Media, Uthman is from Yemen, the failed Middle Eastern cradle of democracy. He worked as a guard for Usama bin Laden and was a member of the “55th Arab Brigade” at the time. Tora Bora is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

479 Americans, on the other hand, were arrested on January 6th for wandering into the Capitol. Many people were welcomed into the Capitol and committed no crimes. However, these Americans are facing charges that could land them in jail for years. Many people are incarcerated, but the exact number is unknown.

Welcome to the world of Obama/Biden justice, where violent radical Islamist terrorists are free to roam the streets while freedom-loving Americans are abused and incarcerated.



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