OANN WH Source Reveals Joe and Kamala’s Behind-the-Scenes Chaos During Afghan Disaster

Nobody has a greater “White House” source than OANN reporter Jack Posobeic, according to a Twitter rumor.

They say this since the most (if not all) of the scoops he receives are constrained a few weeks later by actual events unfolding.

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Whoever Jack is getting his information from is trustworthy and has a lot of “first-hand” expertise.

And that person is clearly working hard because they just gave Jack some juicy details about what’s going on behind the scenes with Joe and Kamala following the Afghanistan tragedy.

According to prior reports from Jack’s source, there is a “conflict” going on between Tess and Tessa.

Because the two sides are always secretly throwing “shade” at each other in the press, Jack refers to it as a “shade war.”

What happened to Kamala following the Afghanisstaan fiasco, according to Jack’s source:

“The Shade War is heating up, and Kamala has turned down a request to do a presser today. She stated that she was concentrating on Haiti rather than Afghanistan. According to a White House official, competing team staffers have been openly fighting all day.

Kamala doesn’t want to get her hands dirty with Joe’s follies yet again.

I think she’s too preoccupied with her own monumental blunders.

But it’s the news about Joe that concerns me the most.

Joe went to bed earlier than normal, according to Jack’s WH source, and was perplexed by contradicting intel reports.

“According to a White House official, Biden went to bed earlier than normal tonight. ‘All the contradicting intelligence reports perplexed him.’

Obama, according to the rumor mill, is enraged. Obama’s spokesman informed reporters that the president has “no comment” on Afghanistan.

And it appears that many White House personnel are perplexed by the administration’s handling of the situation. The reporting by Reuters has been a disaster for Team Biden.

After suffering so much outrage for not speaking to the American people right away, Biden went on TV today, and he incorrectly blamed President Trump and then the Afghan army.

He took no responsibility for the mess he created or the people who are dying as a result of it.

This individual should resign immediately. He’s a complete and total failure.

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