OANN: Kamala is ready to fight alongside Team Biden… They even have a photo to prove it…

There’s a lot of delicious things going on between Team Biden and Team Harris right now… Moreover, the drama was captured on camera for all to witness.

During Biden’s infostructure press conference, a photo of an obviously angry-looking Kamala Haris crouching behind a pillar with her arms folded stunned the internet.

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Here’s a look at the photo from three different perspectives:

Here are some of the responses to the photograph:

“I won’t be IGNORED, Joe…” 

“Is Kamala morphing into Nancy? Or is Nancy morphing into Kamala??” 

“Did she boil a bunny after this?” 

“She the cat waiting for the mouse to make a mistake so she can pounce.”

“why is everyone in this phony white house admin a psychotic creep?” 

“Lurking in the shadows…”

“The grim reaper in a pastel pants suit” 

“She is the devil.”

But it was OANN reporter Jack Posbic who broke the story about what’s going on in this photo, the building war, and Kamala’s readiness to fight Team Biden.

“Ron wanted Kamala front and center for the infrastructure deal photo, but she refused because she knows Team Biden is attempting to make her the scapegoat, and she is going to start playing hardball after El Paso is over, per WH Official,” he stated.

Mr. Klain, Biden’s White House Chief of Staff, is the “Ron” Jack is referring to.


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