OANN Emerald Robinson: Why Is Biden Pushing The Mandatory Vaccine For The Military?

I must say, this is a rather humdinger theory, but deserves to be considered…

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Do you recall the blocking fences and the military patrols that were “protecting” Joe Biden and the WH back when he was installed, and when the whole country “feared another Capitol attack”? The military was absolutely necessary to keep the country in fear. And this is what Biden does to repay his dues? Also, for the Afghanistan failure, that made the almighty US Navy look like a bunch of cowards and sissies?

Well, according to OANN’s reporter, Emerald Robinson, Biden’s demand on mandatory vaccination for the entire US military is not for keeping them “safe and sound”, but it’s another communist trick, that has been long forgotten.

She thinks that with this move, Joe is trying to Purge MAGA from the military ranks.

The folks in the military were already before mandated to take a lot of different vaccines, that ordinary American citizens didn’t need. But, they were NOT politicized such as the CVID jab.

And we’re in unprecedented times, right?

So, could there be an ulterior motive?

Here are some of the comments made on Robinson’s Twitter post:

“It will be great to have all the warriors available on the homeland”

“That’s exactly what it is and they’re forcing businesses to mandate vaccinations and are also for senior paeans coming in and be vaccinated that way the Europeans will force us to have a vaccination to go to Europe the New World Order communism full-blown”

“Old as the day is long. Nothing new about any of the tactics. agreed.”

“Rigged elections have consequences”

“Well, historically, the military follow orders and have no choice but to submit to being lab rats.”

What do you think of this theory?


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