OANN Backstory: What’s With The Photo Where Kamala Is Lurking From Behind ???

This photo made many people question – why would the Vice President of the United States of America be lurking from a pillar at a press conference held by the leader, Joe Biden, when she’s his right hand?!

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Yet better – she’s the one correcting his mistakes all the time!

She’s the one who noted that it shouldn’t be called “Biden’s Administration”, but rather – “KBiden-Harris Administration”…

And guys, she really looks pissed at the photo! Agree?

“Her handlers told her that was the border so she stood there for the photo op” . Just an observing comment from a citizen.

Here are a bunch more…

“I won’t be IGNORED, Joe…”

“Is Kamala morphing into Nancy? Or is Nancy morphing into Kamala??”

“Did she boil a bunny after this?”

“She the cat waiting for the mouse to make a mistake so she can pounce.”

“why is everyone in this phony white house admin a psychotic creep?”

“Lurking in the shadows…”

“The grim reaper in a pastel pants suit”

“She is the devil.”

But wait!

OANN’s Jack Posobiec dug up the “real dirt”!

Here, Posobiec is referring to Mr. Klain, Biden’s White House Chief of Staff.

Is the “Biden-Harris” duo going to start a war, s they are really saying lately?

What do you think?


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