NYPD Arrested Decorated Army Veteran Because He Refused To Show Vaccination Proof! [WATCH]

Six men, a decorated army veteran, died in prison last night once they refused to show vaccination proof at the cheesecake factory.

The New York City Police were called by the Cheesecake Factory’s manager in Queens, NY, asking for help, once one group entered the restaurant and refused to show vaccination proof. They tried to order food and drinks.

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Then, the NYC Police were called.


Mitchell Bosch is a retired US Army veteran who was in Afghanistan and Iraq, and he is among the arrested people.

“I served in Afghanistan, I served in Iraq,” said Bosch. “We are fighting an army much stronger than us. The enemy is the politicians, the oligarchies. We have to do civil disobedience to get medical Freedom. All we want to do is get something to eat and drink, and we will gladly get out of here. This is what it’s going to take to get America to wake up people to sacrifice and get comfortable with getting uncomfortable. Our time is now. This is holding the line- today. We, as the people, take a stand. Even if it means we go spend a little time behind bars- we will not comply. WE WILL NOT COMPLY. Medical Freedom is not negotiable. Plain and simple. NOT NEGOTIABLE. I fought for this country to give everybody the opportunity for Freedom- and I am not going to go down. I am willing to die for my country for Freedom.”

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The men were part of the “Key to NYC” Vaccine Passport Program.

“This is the civil rights movement all over again,” said Derrick Gibson, one of the men participating in the sit-in.

“We are doing a sit-in at the Cheesecake Factory patiently asking to be served like everyone else in the restaurant, and we are not moving until we are served. We are tired of living in New York City and being discriminated against.”

One NYC Police Captain and many others from the NYPD police arrived at the local and saw that the group refused to leave the restaurant, asking from the personnel to get served.

The restaurant manager said that he wanted to press charges against the members of the group!

Ray Velez is among the arrested persons, and he stood and debated with the officers before he got arrested with handcuffs.

“We are here to access the facility in normal business hours; we are invitees of an accommodating public business; we are not committing a crime. We are here to eat; that cannot be criminal trespassing.”

‘You swore an oath to the Constitution,” Velez stated. However, later he was arrested.

“Bro, you are taking orders. We fought for you, bro, we fought for you, N; we,” another group member added.

“Nazis!” yelled the protesters.

“We must get our fellow Freedom Fighter’s backs,” said activist and Newsmax host John Tabacco. “They are willing to put themselves on the line, and we have to stand behind them.”



Bill de Blasio’s “Key to NYC” program is the first one from this kind of vaccination mandate for workers and customers at indoor dining, fitness, entertainment, sporting events, and other places.

“This mayor is the most hated in New York City History,” said Tabacco. “It takes a special type of person to be despised by both the police and Black Lives Matter. And everyone in between. He continues to insist on continuing to destroy Freedom in New York City on his way out the door.”

The program asks children from 5 to 11 to show evidence of one dose vaccination to enter the venues.

NY citizens at the age of 12 will have to show proof of two vaccine doses.


The mayor announced the first in the nation vaccine mandate for private-sector workers that will apply to 184.000 businesses.

“My children will now grow up on a level playing field with other children,” said Derrick Gibson, a New York Gubernatorial Candidate present at the Sit-In. “They will be at a disadvantage. They cannot play sports, participate in other school activities or enter venues or restaurants. Because they are not vaccinated, they will be discriminated against. It is unconstitutional, and we must fight these mandates.”


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