NY Election: Poll Watchers Find more Ballots Than Actual Voters!

The red flag has been raised in the state of New York! After what the poll watchers have found – it is normal! The situation is absolutely dangerous and alarming!

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The non-partisan election watchdog SMART elections have uncovered an anomaly in one City Council District in the 2021 Brooklyn Primary.


More sounds like a fraud, than an anomaly…

According to the Smart Elections Executive Director, Lulu Friesdat report,

“We are issuing this preliminary report because, in our opinion, we are experiencing hostility and obstruction from the New York City and the Brooklyn Board of Elections, as well as some coordinators at Early Voting poll sites.

We have discovered discrepancies that raise concerns and deserve further exploration,” the report continued. “These were reported to the coordinators at each poll site and directly to the Board of Elections. The Board of Elections responded by removing our project leader as a poll watcher and changing the information our poll watchers were allowed to view. Now we cannot collect the data necessary for the successful completion of the project.”

“We deeply respect the voters, candidates, and poll workers who have committed so much time and effort to the election. They deserve to have confidence in it,” Friesdat added.

“At this point, we cannot assure the public that the results in all these locations are accurate because the process is not transparent and we have not been allowed to check,” SMART elections continued.

“This lack of cooperation and transparency is unfortunate and unnecessary,” Friesdat added. “We hope that the Board of Elections will examine these issues fully and whole-heartedly commit to a respectful, transparent partnership with those engaged in public oversight.”

SMART elections noted that there is a civil case involving the 45th City Council District.

“We chose the 45th City Council District, partly because there is an ongoing civil court case here alleging corruption and poll workers ‘fraudulently feeding ballots into the scanner.’ We are not making those allegations or taking a position on them. We are simply aware that allegations are moving forward in the courts, and they indicate that there is some lack of confidence in the process.”


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