Nurses and Doctors Speak Of The Consequences of Rejecting Mandatory Vaccination

Health care workers that can’t get vaccinated due to medical or religious content, immediately get fired, despite the previous effort, despite all…

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“Various states and hospitals have mandated the vaccine, as well as the Biden-Harris administration, which issued an emergency regulation that requires all health care workers that work in facilities that provide Medicare & Medicaid Services to become fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines by Jan. 4. The administration’s mandate does not allow for a testing opt-out or recognize natural immunity as a valid alternative form of protection for these front-line workers, many of which became infected during the height of the pandemic,” The Epoch Times reported.

Here are their stories…

“Dr. Martin Kulldorff, senior scientific director of the Brownstone Institute and co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, previously told The Epoch Times that this approach does not agree with established scientific knowledge or make sense from a medical perspective. He argues that those who have recovered from a COVID-19 infection have “stronger, longer-lasting immunity” than vaccinated individuals and are the “least likely to infect” others. The CDC has admitted that there is no record of naturally immune people infecting others.”

Dr. Thomas Redwood was terminated by Piedmont and Wellstar for not taking the vaccine.

“The decision to take the emergency use authorization vaccines currently offered should be a personal choice based on a careful risk-benefit analysis of receiving the vaccine compared to the risks of the disease for which the vaccine is intended to provide protection,” the doctor stated.

“The objective of vaccine mandates as terms of employment for health care workers such as myself is to prevent infection from the health care worker to the patient. Given what we know of waning immunity among the vaccinated and the ability of the vaccinated to be as contagious as the unvaccinated, I fail to see the logic in such a mandate as it fails to accomplish its stated goal. Even more concerning is that by forcing health care workers to choose between bodily autonomy or employment, we run risk the creating a shortage of nurses, physicians, and others who keep our hospitals running,” he added

another Dr, Dr. Eric Saunders, a veteran physician, was recently fired from Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

“My religious and medical exemptions were denied by them,” Saunders said.

“I was born without legs due to a pharmaceutical my mother took while pregnant with me. Both of my parents were ministers. My deep faith in God has helped me overcome many hurdles in my life, but the psychological trauma of being injured by a pharmaceutical, and knowing the potential controversy behind the science of the COVID vaccines, I am not able to receive them.

“I am fighting and speaking out against these mandates, using my story to hopefully bring awareness, so they can be reversed and let freedom be restored to humanity so we can coexist in peace and love again,” he said…

Nicole Thibodeau had been working as a registered nurse case manager for Beth Israel Lahey Health, the second-largest health care organization in Massachusetts. She said her employer was sending out denials to “hundreds” of staff in response to their religious exemption petitions.

“My faith is fierce and I will never get this shot. They have been terrible to us; harassment, delays, extensions, lack of communication, etc. Last I heard, there was 4 percent of the company unvaxxed. That’s 1,440 people. They are putting pressure on us to get it or else ‘voluntarily’ resign,” Thibodeau said.

Trudiann Edmondson from New York worked for Northwell Health as a remote patient care coordinator. She was fired on Oct. 1 for declining the jab.

“At the time of my termination, I was approx. 5 months pregnant and asked for a temporary declination due to being high risk for multiple reasons, the limited data on pregnant women, and having the capability of working from home 100 percent.

“I was diagnosed with a blood clot very early in the pregnancy that has since dissolved. I am on low-dose aspirin, which I have to take daily. I was given no alternative options, and myself and over a thousand others were let go based on the company wanting a 100 percent shot compliance rate.”

“I’m thankful for my faith in knowing I made the right decision and all will be well,” she added.

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