Nurse Says Symptomatic Healthcare Workers Are Back To Work Performing CPR Against CDC Guidelines! [WATCH]

Trust the experts, scientists, data; the Dems force us to consume lies, lies, lies…

They have to give us real experts and scientists and logical information.

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Take a look at the video below.

Here’s the transcription:

“So these videos have all been done before, but it’s kind of hard to be a nurse and not say anything at all. So the new CDC recommendations say that healthcare workers can return to work after five days. I tested positive for COVID on Friday, triple vaxxed. And the answer work is telling me is they’re ready for me to come back. Well, it hasn’t even been five days. And so they said, once I’m asymptomatic, I can come back. What is asymptomatic exactly? While they tell me a cough that is not disruptive to others. They also tell me no runny nose, and I need to wear an N 95 the entire time I’m at work. The health department calls today. New York State is not adapting the CDC guidelines at this time. But they tell me go ahead and do what your work tells you to do. So I said, okay, so I’m off quarantine since work is telling me to come back? No, no, I’m still on quarantine. But I can only go to work and back. So what you’re telling me is in the great state of New York, you can go take care of patients while you are actively having COVID. But you can’t go to the grocery store. Can’t stop for food, can’t get a coffee. Can’t go to the gas station. Can’t go anywhere. And what about my three kids that are on quarantine? Who’s going to watch them while I go back to work? Have we not thought of this? Because my kids are still on quarantine for ten days. But I’m expected to go back to work after five. And what about this whole AHA guidelines with let’s just go ahead and do CPR without PPE. I have COVID. I obviously will be wearing an N 95. But am I expected with a non-COVID patient to wait until I have full PPE on to do CPR? Or do we have the same guidelines for our non-COVID patients as we do for our COVID patients that you know what? Just go ahead and start CPR and when you have PPE go ahead and use it? Is that what we’re doing? Should I tell my non-COVID patient that that’s my plan? I’m just going to go ahead all COVID filled and start CPR on you and wait until somebody else with PPE can come switch out with me. This is health care in New York State. This is what we’re doing to the people that have stood there and taken care of you when nobody else would. Thanks, Kathy Hochul.” – Brit Sully

We have to find a scientist who can make sense of all the things the Dems are claiming.

The narrative is destroyed, and people realize the lies they have shared!

These are the online comments.

“Lol- dumb sheep finally waking up to the wolf amongst them. I have very little sympathy for them- especially after being ridiculed and ostracized by their lot for two years straight.”

“But “trust the science.” We live in a clown world.”

“I feel bad for her and others like her. They worked the whole time during the bs early on, then got the runaround while many have families (little kids for her, obviously!) they need to provide for and support. They chose to get the jab instead of quitting or getting fired and collecting unemployment. Now she’s stuck in a shitty situation clearly run by a hospital funded by the left (which most large systems are), and nothing makes sense.”

“Time to start up a new dance routine to show everyone how overrun they are.”

“They do not give a shit about med workers .you could die working sick they could care less.”

“I don’t know about you but I am still coming to terms with the common sense protocols of covid19. It’s more science fiction than science.”

Red Voice Media Rumble

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