Nurse Destroyed The Official Narrative! Hospitals Are Overwhelmed With Vaccinate Patients!

We are living in the pandemic of vaccinated!

The healthcare workers are raising their voices about the current situation with the pandemic, and the Big media lie is already exposed.

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The MSM is still forcing the massive vaccination only because the Biden administration orders them to do so.

The Big Tech companies are finding excuses and justifications for the vaccines’ side effects, only to manage to sell as many shots as possible worldwide.

It’s way past time that we start to dedicate more attention to these healthcare workers and expose the official narrative!

See this below.


This is the transcript.

Interviewer: So you’re a nurse, are you?

Nurse: I am. I have 19 years. Now unemployed… This is a global experiment, global clinical trials.

Interviewer: It is.

Nurse: That is not going actually very well. And any nurse will tell you that the hospital systems are full with vaccinated patients with adverse reactions.

Interviewer: Can you repeat that again? So the hospitals are full?

Nurse: The hospitals are full of vaccinated patients with adverse reactions.

Interviewer: How long ago was it that you left your job?

Nurse: When it was mandated, you had to have the jab.

Interviewer: A couple of weeks ago, yea?

Nurse:  Yea, a few weeks ago.

Interviewer: So before that time, you were seeing patient after patient being brought in with adverse reactions?

Nurse: Yes. I’ve got friends, nurses. We talk a lot. We know a lot of people. Directly at that time, I wasn’t in the hospital, but all my friends were hospital, you know, patient after patient coming into the emergency department. ICUs are full of vaccinated people with adverse reactions. They’re saying it’s COVID and the Delta variant. Guess what? Your Delta variant is an adverse reaction.


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