Norway’s Pandemic has Ended, According to the Country’s Health Minister

Hospitalizations in Norway have dropped to their lowest level in over a year, prompting the country’s top medical expert to declare the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus to be eradicated.

According to Humans Are Free, Norwegian Institute of Public Health infection control chief physician Preben Aavitsland declared, “The pandemic is so to say over.”

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Aavitsland is so convinced that no more CCP virus outbreaks will occur that he predicts that life in the Nordic country will gradually revert to pre-pandemic levels.

“We can begin to prepare ourselves for corona (the CCP virus) to take up very little room in our daily lives,” he said.

The comments came after the institute determined that the dangerous sickness had caused a lot of feces.

According to Humans Are Free, “we had a total of 23,877 proven instances in May, June, and July, of which 25 died.”

Between May and July 2021, the infection fatality rate (IFR), or the proportion of people who died from the CCP Virus infection, was estimated to be between 0.05 and 0.2, according to the health professional. According to Svenn-Erik Mamelund, a demographic researcher at the University of Oslo, the IFR during a regular flu season is around 0.1.

According to Aavitsland, even if the Delta strain spreads, the number of hospitalizations and fatalities will not reach the proportions observed last summer. He asserted that the virus “will not go away” and that it is simply a “small concern.”

It will take several years for the globe to come together.

Due to severe reactions observed in numerous European nations, Norwegian health officials declared in May that vaccines supplied by Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca would only be given to people who wanted them.

Despite the institute’s recommendation that neither dose be given on a regular basis due to the risk of significant blood clots and other “serious adverse effects,” the decision was made.

On March 11, four of the eight patients who developed clots died in Norway. Denmark had similar concerns and decided to discontinue using AstraZeneca vaccinations entirely.

Despite the fact that clots were mostly found in the AstraZeneca vaccination, authorities advised against using Johnson & Johnson.

Camilla Stoltenberg, director of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, disclosed that side effects from the AstraZeneca injection are obviously linked to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

According to the Daily Mail, she stated, “It is evident that the uncommon but substantial adverse effects that we have observed with AstraZeneca also arise with the usage of Janssen.” “There is a lot of confusion about the prevalence and whether it is more common in certain groups–for example, based on age and gender.”

In the United Kingdom, one young person in every 60,000 is thought to be at risk of blood clots as a result of the same immunizations. In Norway, the ratio reduces to one person in 20,000.

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