North Carolina High School Suspended A 15-Year-Old Girl For Sexual Assault In Girls Bathroom! The Teenager Is Accused Of Filing A False Report After Male Student Confessed The Police And Was Charged!

One month ago, one 15-year-old teenager from Charlotte, North Carolina, confided in her school’s administrators that a classmate had sexually attacked her in the girls’ bathroom. She stated that the male student followed her to the bathroom, groping her without consent, and ha had been doing that for weeks.

The woke administrators at the Hawthorn Academy of Health Sciences called her a liar and suspended her because she filed a false report even though the police charged the male student with two counts of sexual battery and coaxed a confession out of him.

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Fox46 interviewed the teen victim about the event:

The school didn’t punish the attacker:

“They are making her feel like she is being punished for coming forward,” the mother told WBTV.

The Daily Beast stated that the assault wasn’t reported for some time because the victim was afraid that no one would believe her.

The Daily Beast reported:

“Around the time of the assembly, the girl spoke with another student who told her she had had a similar experience with the same assailant. The two of them brought their allegations to the assistant principal, who notified the police, triggering an investigation. (A copy of the police report reviewed by The Daily Beast states that two minors reported that the suspect “attempted to engage in sexual contact against the victims will.”)

A few weeks later, her mother said, the police called to say the alleged assailant had confessed. He was later charged with two counts of sexual battery.”

The situation shocked the mother, especially because the school called her daughter a liar and suspended her. While remaining anonymous for the daughter’s protection, the mother said she believes the school has failed her daughter.

“Schools teach your kids – ‘you see something, you say something – and in this case, my daughter did, and it seems that the school system has failed her.”

After the school was notified of the incidents, the victim’s mother got a response from the school’s assistant principal, Nina Adams, that they didn’t find evidence of a sexual assault and instead accused her daughter of filing a false report based on lies.

The mother confronted the assistant principal, and she answered, “Unfortunately, the police department has nothing to do with the school system.”

“I said to her, ‘I’m a little confused because this student admitted to the detectives that interviewed him at the police station that he did, in fact, do this,'” the mother recalled. “And she said, ‘Unfortunately, what the police department does has nothing to do with the school system.'”

It is a PUBLIC School Official!

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District remained silent throughout the incident. WBTV questioned members of the board, but they didn’t comment. The victim’s mother said she hadn’t heard from them until this Friday when someone from the office called and stated they were opening an investigation.

The District’s Superintendent, Earnest Winston, said he couldn’t release “confidential information about such matters as individual student discipline or ongoing police investigations.”

Even though there was intense criticism and protests by students and parents, the school refused to back down from asking the victim not to serve her suspension but to sign a noon-retaliation agreement against her attacker and unbelievably attend a class called sexual assault is preventable.

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