No Vax Anymore? But Tax For The Unvaxxed!

Do you honestly think these “loosened up” regulations might really be because of the good of the future for the human nation?

Don’t be silly!

NEVER trust your Government!

The taxation for the unvaxxed is up next – and this plan has already been pre-tested in Quebec.

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DeAnna Lorraine joined the Stew Peters Show to discuss one of the crazy plans the branch Covidians have devised to punish the unvaccinated: tax them.


“Other countries like Australia are cheering this on, they think this is an amazing thing that the unvaccinated should be punished,” DeAnna Lorraine told Stew Peters.

In Quebec, Canada, the premier for the region, François Legault, said his province has begun exploring asking for a “significant” health contribution from the unvaxxed, using the unproven argument that purebloods pose a noticeable burden on the healthcare system.

“It’s all about the torture, its torture, its punishment, its alienation,” DeAnna said Thursday. “In the case where they’re not getting hospital treatment or hospital services because they are unvaccinated, it’s clearly punishment.”

“The people who should be punished and the people who are perpetuating this on their citizens,” Stew Peters told DeAnna Lorraine, the host of Shots Fired. “How about a significant amount of jail time for Tim Walz and other Governors who do this stuff and this guy up in Quebec.”

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