Nikki Haley Says She Doesn’t Think She Has To Make The Decision Yet

Nikki Haley, the former United Nations Ambassador, recently stoked 2024 speculation when she went after Donald Trump.

She’s now attempting to keep her cards close to her chest.

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When asked whether she intended to run for president in 2024 during a Fox News interview on Tuesday morning, Haley skirted the question.

“Those are some powerful words. I always end by asking about your goals for 2024, Ambassador. I’m sure people at home are wondering if you’ll run for president now that you’ve responded to everything. Smith inquired.

“I don’t think I need to make that decision just yet, but I can tell you that we’re going to make sure we win a lot of House, Senate, and Governors races in ‘21,” she says.

When she thought it would be politically advantageous to go after Trump in April, Haley stoked 2024 rumors.

After facing a barrage of criticism, Haley attempted to soften her stance toward Trump.

When speaking to reporters in South Carolina, Haley stated that if Trump ran for president again, she would not run.

If Trump decides to run for president again, Haley has stated that she will back him.

“If President Trump ran, I would not run, and I would speak with him about it,” Haley told reporters. “That is something about which we will have a discussion at some point.”

Trump and Haley, she asserted, had a “wonderful working connection.”

She added, “I appreciated the way he let me perform my work.” “I felt we did some absolutely excellent foreign policy things together, and look, all I want to do now is build on what we’ve accomplished rather than watch it crumble.”

This is exactly the contrary of what she said a few months ago.

Trump’s statements and actions at the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” event “disgusted” Haley in an interview with Politico.

According to Politico, Haley said:

“Fast forward to the morning of the 6th, and I see Don Junior getting up there on television. Then I hear the president rise to his feet and launch a tirade against Pence. I had to turn it off because I was so triggered. I mean, Jon [Lerner] texted me something, and I said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t.” I’m not able to watch it. I’m not going to watch it,’ I said because I was feeling the same way. That will be heard by someone, and horrible things will happen.”

“To say I’m outraged is an understatement,” Haley snarled as she spoke, pushing closer. “Mike has always been loyal to that man. He’s been nothing but that man’s best friend. … I’m very sad that, despite his loyalty and friendship with Mike Pence, he would do such a thing to him. I’m actually appalled by it.”

Haley has been dealt two massive blows since her words, and things are starting to sour on her in a big way.


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