NFL Great Brett Favre With Breaking Statement: ‘It’s Really A Shame That We’ve Come To This”

Brett Favre, a former NFL standout quarterback, has dared to defy the Twitter mob. Last Friday, he spoke out against the violent demonstrations that have destroyed millions of Americans’ sporting experience.

Favre, who spent much of his 20-year NFL career as a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, appeared on the Andrew Klavan Show. He said that the Black Lives Matter agenda is not the holy cause that the media portrays it to be, and that it has actually turned football fans away.

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“Something has to get us together,” he said. And, while in the past, games or sports served as a means of unity, they now serve as a means of division. I can’t tell you how many people have told me, like yourself, that they don’t watch anymore. It’s no longer about the game.’ I appear to agree,” she said, referring to the national anthem kneeling. As Colin Kaepernick declined to stand, the unpatriotic practice spread like a cancer across professional sports.

“I know when I turn on a game, I want to see a game,” Favre added. I want to see players compete and teams win, lose, and come back from deficits. I’m interested in seeing all of the important parts of the game, not what’s going on outside.

When asked if there were any political or racial issues between players during his career, Favre responded, “In truth, that was sort of our safe place, if you will, where we could kind of let our guard down.” We were both involved in something. We battled side by side. We triumphed as a team. We were all defeated together. And we were truly a family. So, to answer your question, no, we didn’t have any problems.”

Favre, who is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, spent his entire career in an era when sports (particularly the NFL) served as a unifying experience. Football brought all Americans together to cheer for their teams, regardless of ethnicity, creed, gender, or economic status.

Favre’s comments follow Major League Baseball’s highly politicized decision to relocate the annual All-Star Game from Atlanta (a predominantly black city) to Denver, which has one of the whitest communities in the world. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has bowed to Democrat outrage over Georgia’s election integrity rule. Republicans, who have long been baseball’s most ardent supporters, have seen the league’s popularity plummet as a result of this.

In terms of lost fan interest, sagging television ratings, and vacant stadium seats, the NFL paid a high price for going all-in on Kaepernick and the ‘kneelers’ during the 2017 season. The league, on the other hand, recognizes this.


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