Newt Gingrich Knows Exactly Which Dems Will Run In 2024

Why is Newt the best in business – and his predictions and statements absolutely to the point.

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When he talks – people really listen. Despite the fact he’s not the Speaker no longer. Nor he’s the POTUS. But people listen because they are aware of his capabilities.

“Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) made a couple of stunning predictions about the 2024 presidential election during a Christmas Eve interview with Fox News that is sure to turn heads,” Resist the Mainstream have reported.

“For one, Gingrich, who led the GOP takeover of the House in 1994 for the first time in four decades, does not believe President Biden will run again.

For another, he told Fox News that the “last rumor” he heard was that Hillary Clinton was going to make a third try for the White House after losing out to Barack Obama in 2008 and losing outright to Donald Trump in 2016.

“I fully expect Biden to not run again. I think the Democratic Party would be in a state of shock if he did,” Gingrich said.

What’s more, he added, Vice President Kamala Harris appears even “weaker than Biden,” likely a reference to recent polling data showing her approval ratings tanking.

“So the last rumor I heard was that Hillary is going to run, and I think it would say a lot about the chaos of America if Hillary Clinton reemerged one more time,” Gingrich told “The Ingraham Angle” guest host Raymond Arroyo, in response to Biden telling ABC News anchor David Muir earlier that he planned to run next time if his health was good.”

“Well, in all honesty, what choice does he have? You go can’t out there and say, ‘Look, I am doing so badly and my administration is so stupid, I think I will quit three years from now’? Gingrich said, noting that Biden’s stature with voters has been greatly diminished thanks to a series of policies and issues he is facing that are not going well for him.

So, Kamala and Hillary are in constant contact, and rumors are swirling that she wants to be Kamala’s VP if Joe is out of the picture.

What are your thoughts and expectations?

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