Newt Explains Exactly Why Kamala Was Picked to “Oversee” The Border

Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, went on “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning to slam Vice President Kamala Harris, claiming she was just placed in charge of the border crisis “because they knew she wouldn’t do anything.”

Gingrich also said that Joe Biden’s administration is “in support of open borders” in order to get in as many illegal immigrants as possible.

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“When it comes to history, sometimes the obvious is right. According to Fox News, they wanted Harris to be in control of the border because they knew she wouldn’t do anything. “This isn’t a blunder; that’s why they won’t term it a crisis. They want to keep the border open. Examine the presidential primary debates from the past. They’re all in favor of unrestricted immigration. They’re all in favor of getting rid of ICE. They’re all in favor of removing any danger to sanctuary cities from the equation. So, in their opinion, the next 10,000 to 15,000 people [coming in] are beneficial because it raises the number of illegal immigrants in the United States, which is exactly what they want.”

He went on to say, “Of course, it’s working.” “What if your target was to get as many illegal immigrants in the United States as possible? “How can you outperform Biden?”

This comes after Gingrich said on his website that Biden’s infrastructure proposal “won’t build jobs or boost our infrastructure in the long run.” It would eliminate jobs and increase the cost of infrastructure projects in terms of both time and money.”

He went on to point out the “deep irony” of Biden seeking help for his “American Job-Killing Tax Plan” in Pittsburgh, considering that this was the location of the 1791 Whiskey Rebellion’s central battleground.

During the Rebellion, Americans struggled against the federal government’s overreaching levy on whiskey.

“So, today, we have Vice President Biden, who is calling for a one-third increase in all domestic corporate taxes (from 21% to 28%), a minimum 21% tax rate on multinational US corporations, higher taxes on oil and gas companies (which would drive up the cost of gasoline, heating oil, and plastic), and a slew of other new tax measures across the economy,” Giles writes.


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