Newsmax Reporter Just Nuked GOP For Being in On The “Trump Removal”

If there’s one thing we should be grateful for, it’s that Fox News’ backstabbing helped us to promote some truly outstanding Newsmax reporters.

Emerald Robinson is one of those reporters. You’ve probably seen her giving Jen Psaki a hard time in the White House briefing room.

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When she’s not doing so, she’s dropping some of the internet’s biggest and greatest reality bombs.

And she’s just hit the GOP with a pair of bombshells.

It’s no secret that the Republican leadership and the majority of the party’s electorate are at odds. We just witnessed a rigged election, and the GOP not only did nothing to assist or encourage us, let alone President Trump, but many believe they were complicit.

I’ve said all along that the Democrats couldn’t have done it without Fox News, JOJ, and the GOP’s help and support.

Emerald Robinson seems to share these sentiments.

Take a look at these recent tweets from her:

Since the GOP establishment colluded with Democrats against Trump in the 2020 election, there is a civil war within the party. You’re aware of it. And the GOP is well aware that you are aware of this. They just want you to forget about it.

Without the help of GOP leaders, Democrats will be unable to “game” the electoral processes of key swing states controlled by the GOP. These same officials are now attempting to obstruct audits in order to conceal their election-related activities in 2020.

Emerald is absolutely right.

That is why we must examine each and every member of the GOP and ask ourselves, “What did they do to support us after 2020?” And if they’ve been openly working against us, like Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger, Kevin McCarthy, and others, they need to go.

Since there is a civil war in the Republican Party – and there are about 75 million of us and a few hundred of them – we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work expunging these cancerous tumors from the party before we turn our attention to the communist Democrats.

We won’t win anything until we do so, and this country will continue to decline.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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