Newsmax Reporter Connects “Timing” of Rudy’s FBI Raid With John Kerry

Under Biden, the Department of Justice seems to be weaponized once more.

Their bold steps have been building steadily, but today they reached a fever pitch when federal agents raided President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s home and office.

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All that was missing was CNN, which had been hidden in the bushes at 6:00 a.m. during Roger Stone’s raid.

According to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney, federal agents executed search warrants at his Manhattan apartment and office on Wednesday, progressing a criminal investigation by federal prosecutors that has been ongoing for more than two years.

According to CNN, Giuliani, who worked as former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, is the subject of an investigation into his actions in Ukraine, including whether he engaged in illicit lobbying for Ukrainian officials while pursuing an investigation into Trump’s main political opponent, Vice President Joe Biden. Giuliani has not been charged with anything.

While prosecutors have previously executed a search warrant on a lawyer, most noticeably in recent years against another former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, Manhattan federal prosecutors have done so.

A lawyer for Giuliani, Robert Costello, said the warrant represented an investigation into alleged violations of foreign lobbying laws and requested correspondence between Giuliani and people like John Solomon, a former columnist for The Hill.

But one Newsmax reporter, Emerald Robinson, thinks the timing is odd, and she sent out this eye-opening tweet about it, highlighting John Kerry’s latest troubles with Iran and how they coincidentally coincide with Guiliani’s warrant.

“It’s curious that when John Kerry gets in trouble for supporting Iran, Rudy Giuliani gets raided by the Feds,” Emerald Robinson said.

This seems to be quite a coincidence…

It takes the pressure off Kerry in the media and retaliates against the guy who put crackhead Hunter Biden through the wringer.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi’s hair salon was busted during COVID?

I’m not sure what “news item” came along to break the cycle and divert focus away from Pelosi, but I remember thinking to myself, “Oh, well, Pelosi’s story will fade away and neve be head off again…” and I was correct.

Kerry’s tale is similar, but his is even more tragic. What he did appears to be treasonous.

In our world, politics is a filthy, filthy market.

We foolishly believed that President Trump will “drain the swamp” in a few years on his own – little did we know at the time that the swamp was simply a bottomless ocean.


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