New Videos Share Pennsylvania Officials Hide Evidence Of Alleged Election Fraud!

Pennsylvania county election officials were caught on video planning to hide violations of the state election law.

New whistleblower footages caught the Delaware County, Pennsylvania officials planning to recreate missing election data from the November 2020 contest. These recordings are the last evidence of the fraud officials trying to hide the violations during the fraud.

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Regina Miller worked as a contract employee for Delaware County and secretly recorded her colleagues talking about their plans to fake the elections. There is a lawsuit against these people, and it alleged county election officials destroyed data in response to a May 21, 2021 Right To Know Request filed with Delaware County that requested the final certified return sheets from the November 3, 2020 election. At the beginning of the videos, we could see people destroying election material documents in response to the Right To know request.

The latest video shows two election officials talking about putting blank V drives on the machines for the election ballots.

James Savage served as the chief custodian and voting machine, warehouse supervisor for the Delaware County Voting Machine Department. In The November 2020 election, he was seen discussing with another official who could not be caught on the camera.

“Here you go, here you go,” the election official is heard saying, mimicking what they could say as they provide the “jokers” the supposedly official election-data documentation. The unseen individual then continues, “We scan those cut, copied sheets in.”

“The first part has a lot of work, but it might save us work in the long run if it’s gonna be a drip, drip, drip,”

Savage is seen saying. ‘’The two then talk more about the process, with Savage asking about whether they are talking about going to every machine and putting in a clean V-drive. The off-camera election worker appears to concur with that approach.’’

There was a comment from the lawyer who represented Savage in a defamation action in the Delaware County Official field against two local poll observers and Trump and his legal team.

Savage could be previously seen on a video talking with a person identified as James Allen, the director of election operations for Delaware county.

Allen could hear telling Savage, “Then get rid of the pads and the second scanners.”

“We can’t talk about it anymore,” Savage replies, with Allen questioning, “Why?”

It’s a felony,” Savage states.

Take a look at the video below.

The videos where Savage is included are concerning because the Delaware County Return Board in transmitting the report to the Delaware County Board of Election and singled out Savage and his staff for his guidance and help.

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