New Video from Capitol Riots Throws Doubt on ‘Insurrection’ Narrative

The mass media’s theory that the unarmed demonstrators entering the Capitol building on January 6th represented a violent “insurgency” is being called into question by new video from the Capitol riots.

“A newly acquired video shows US Capitol Police officers speaking with many January 6 protestors inside the Capitol that afternoon, including Jacob Chansley, the so-called ‘Q shaman,’” according to American Greatness.

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According to the paper, “one cop, identified in the video and verified by charging documents as Officer Keith Robishaw, appears to inform Chansely’s party that they will not stop them from entering the building.”

“We’re not against,” Robishaw says, “but you have to show us… no stabbing, no abuse, and stay calm.”

Chansley and another activist then shouted at the crowd, “This has to be peaceful.” “We have the right to assemble peacefully.”

According to American Greatness, “the video clearly contradicts what government officials allege in a lawsuit lodged against Chansley on January 8.”

“Robishaw and other officers attempted to calm the protestors by directing them to exit the area along the same route they had entered. Officer Robishaw confronted Chansley and yelled, among other items, that this was their house and that they were there to seize the Capitol and capture Congressional leaders.

The Capitol riot’s optics are unusual to say the least. As oddly dressed protesters entered the Senate chambers, Capitol police stood down; criminals broke into Speaker Pelosi’s chambers and stole a laptop, which the thief allegedly wanted to sell to Russian intelligence (a red flag about credibility); dozens entered the Capitol building after literally having the door held open for them, and they simply walked in a line and took pictures; and a CNN repo. The only person proven to have died as a direct result of the riot was a Trump supporter.


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