NEW THREAT: Coup Situation, a Police State Under Joe Biden

Former Bill Clinton advisor and liberal author Naomi Wolf cautioned during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson that America is becoming a “totalitarian state before our eyes” under President Joe Biden.

“That’s not a partisan thing,” said Wolf. That transcends everything that you and I can disagree with or agree on. Which should put the left and the right together to safeguard our Constitution.

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Wolf told Carlson, “I’ve been writing for months and months about what I see as the terrible crisis we’re in, which we have to acknowledge under the guise of a real medical pandemic.”

We’re really going into a situation of a revolution, a situation of a police state and that’s not a partisan thing, that’s, as you say, that transcends everything that you and I can agree or disagree that should bring together left and right to defend or the Constitution. We are going completely into what I call stage 10.

She added, “I wrote a book in which I pointed out that there were 10 steps that would-be tyrants always take when they want to shut down democracy.” They still do the same 10 things, whether they are on the left or the right, and now we’re at something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. You have explained it very, really well, very well.

That’s stage 10, because it’s the suspension of the rule of law, because that’s when you start being a police state, and we’re here, there’s no way around it.

Wolf, who worked as an advisor on Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign in 1996, told host Tucker Carlson that in her opinion, as a result of Biden’s ongoing coronavirus-related economic shutdowns, the United States is increasingly “moving into a coup, a police state.” Wolf added that she thinks the directives under the “guise of a real medical pandemic” are being improperly applied.

“She told Carlson, Wolf said she interviewed U.S. citizens of different backgrounds and political affiliations who are in a state of “shock and horror” as “autocratic state tyrants, and now the national level is creating this kind of merging of corporate power and government power, which is really characteristic of totalist fascism in the ’20s.

“They use it to engage in emergency orders that simply strip us of our rights; property rights, assembly rights, worship rights, all the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.”

Wolf called the overall response of the United States to the coronavirus pandemic “completely unprecedented,” claiming that “lockdowns have never been carried out in society and really, before everyone’s eyes, we are turning into a totalitarian state.”

“I truly hope that we will wake up quickly,” she said, “because history also shows that it’s a small window where people can fight back before fighting back is too dangerous.”


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