New Suspicions Around Psaki’s Positive COVID Test

How did it collide with the fact she announced that she was leaving Biden’s admin?

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The breaking info that she was leaving was from Jack Posobiec’s WH source — and 9 times out of 10, Jack’s source pans out.

Now, Axios has caught up and is reporting Psaki is leaving Biden’s admin as soon as next month.

Jack’s White House source says Psaki is tired of being the “mop-up crew” for Biden and wants to make the move into cable news.

These news put a shadow in her innocent and honest COID positive test.

If what the MSM reported was true, Jen is triple vaccinated – she may even have four shots at this point, who knows?

So, how can it be that she had COVID last October, and tested positive again 5 months later?

This is leading many to believe that Jen didn’t have a positive COVID test, she just wants NOTHING to do with Joe Biden anymore.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“ I’m excited to hear Jen discuss her experience with getting vaccinated, vaccinated again, getting boosted, testing positive for Covid, and getting Covid again on her new MSNBC show.”

“Um, gee, does anyone wanna ask why is Jen Psaki getting COVID so often nowadays?”

“Nobody seems to care that COVID keeps magically circling back to Jen?”

“After this report, does anyone believe Psaki really has COVID?”

“Why isn’t the media asking to see this so-called positive test, or are we now okay using the “deadliest virus” as a get out of work excuse?”

“Psaki faking COVID, the “deadliest” disease on the planet, just to get out of traveling with Biden is hilarious”

“Psaki said she’d be gone for 5 days, it’s not 8 days. Where is she?”

Jen’s instincts about that Europe trip were actually pretty darn good.

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