New Satellite Images Emerged Showing HUGE Russian Troop Buildup On Ukrainian Border!

The enemy tension between Russian and Ukraine isn’t lowering. We can see that Russia has gathered more than 80,000 troops on the border with Ukraine from satellite imagery.

Also, they moved Russian warplanes to Crimea and bases very close to Ukraine, improving their capacity for political intimidation or military intervention.

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The Wall Street Journal reviewed the images, and they stated that Su-30 fighters were positioned on a runway at an airbase in Crimea.

We can see those aircraft on the photo from April 16 weren’t there in March.

Other Military units on the Crimean peninsula are Russian airborne troops, motorized rifles, and armored units, helicopters, smoke generators, reconnaissance drones, jamming equipment, as well as a military hospital.

One current and former official stated that the forces and stationing of the Su-34, Su-30, Su-27, and Su-24 aircraft in the zones strengthened Moscow’s political leverage to coerce neighboring country.

“They have appropriately deployed the various elements of airpower that would be needed to establish air superiority over the battlefield and directly support the ground troops,” stated Philip Breedlove, a U.S. Air Force General [retired]. He was the top NATO military commander when Russia seized Crimea interceded in the eastern zones of Ukraine, 2014.

William Burns, Central Intelligence Agency Director, presented Congress with an assessment last week. He said that Russian deployments want to intimidate the Ukrainian government and message the Biden administration.

“That buildup has reached the point where, you know, it could also provide the basis for a limited military incursion as well,” said Burns. “So it’s something not only the United States, but also our allies have to take very seriously.”

The entire situation is highly concerning to America because Biden Administration is weaker in foreign policy than Trump’s administration.

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