New Report on Biden Suggests He Might Have “Dementia”

Joe Biden told the American people during the campaign that he would be a President of reconciliation who would stand up for the little guy. President Biden vowed to fire anyone working under him who degraded or bullied another staff member, so the days of being pushed around were over. However, while Biden and the media want you to see him in a “stunning light,” a recent study reveals that when things get awkward, the President not only yells at his workers, but also shouts at them.

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The Biden Administration has worked hard to make the American people appreciate Joe Biden, as first reported by the New York Times. The only problem is that President Biden has very few endearing qualities.

According to the post, when Biden is confused or lost in a conversation, he will sometimes snap at people. At a meeting, he has also been heard shouting, “Let’s speak plain English here.” Biden has been known to quickly hang up and go about his day if he thinks you are wasting his time.

As someone who grew up with a Grandmother who suffered from Dementia and then full-blown Alzheimer’s, I can assure you that bizarre “angry outbursts” are all too normal.

Here’s what it says about “Dementia/ Alzheimer’s” symptoms on the internet:

Dementia patients also have trouble interacting with others. They lose track of what they’ve said and are unable to concentrate on the conversation. These symptoms can be aggravating, resulting in an eruption of rage.

And, considering Joe’s other problems, you can’t help but wonder if he’s dealing with any serious medical issues, can you? Obviously, I’m not a doctor and am not diagnosing him, but I am emphasizing what a large number of people online are already discussing.

We all have eyes and ears, and we can see and hear what is going on. At this stage, we don’t need to be medically educated. The “signs” can make someone “wonder.”

That wasn’t the only thing the New York Times had to say about Trump. If you didn’t already remember, Biden has a difficult time making decisions. He not only doubts himself, but he will also leave things unanswered until he is at ease.

However, although some might perceive the article as a smear intended to smear Biden’s name, consider how he handled ordinary citizens on the campaign trail. In the video below, Biden is speaking with Detroit autoworkers when one of them inquires about Biden’s position on the second amendment. What follows is a profanity-laced tantrum.



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