New Questions Surround Joe Biden’s Photo From the “Camp David Situation Room”

Remember when the Afghanistan nightmare first began, and the Biden administration released that odd photo of him sitting alone at a table in the “situation room,” looking like the saddest and most lost old man on the globe, ostensibly at Camp David?

It was the first of many poor public relations tactics by this clumsy and ineffective administration, and what made matters worse than the optics of a frail elderly guy sitting alone was that many people questioned the legitimacy of the shot since the clocks on the wall were off.

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Why were the clocks in the “situation room” off? Yahoo News reported on the tense atmosphere in the “situation room” by asking, “Why were the clocks in the room off?”

The erroneous timings for London and Moscow were shown in a photo of President Joe Biden’s situation room, sparking a flurry of online hypotheses.

Mr. Biden met virtually with his top national security officials to address the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, according to the White House.

The time in London was 16.29, while Moscow was three hours behind at 19.29, according to the global clocks.

Since the United Kingdom advanced its clocks in March, the time difference between the cities has been three hours.

Boris Epshteyn, a former adviser to Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, was one of the first to recognize the time difference was incorrect.

“This is a legitimate concern. Why is the time in Moscow incorrect in this photograph? Mr Ephsteyn remarked on Twitter that the time difference between London and Moscow is only 2 hours, and that it hasn’t been 3 hours since March.

Users on Twitter instantly chimed in with conspiracy theories about whether the photo was manufactured or whether it was taken before March to protect security.

The White House eventually issued a statement claiming that they “forgot” to change the clocks or something equally ridiculous and stupid.

But now something more has surfaced in relation to that photograph…

People are questioning why, on August 16th, Joe Biden appears to have a decent – albeit wispy – head of hair, but just over a week later, following his disastrous Afghanistan press conference, he has a head full of peach fuzz and is nearly entirely bald in the back.


Isn’t that a big improvement in just over a week?

And he doesn’t appear to be sporting any kind of thick, lush fake toupee or anything in the “Camp David” photo.

It appears to be his natural, cruddy thinning hair, but in the first photo, there appears to be a LOT more of it.

Is Joe’s stress so bad that he lost all of his hair and peach-fuzz grew back on his head like “Chia seeds” in record speed, or is there anything else going on?

Here’s what folks had to say about it on the internet:

“I think they have a double they roll out whenever JB isn’t lucid. Seen pics of him with brown eyes and blue eyes, different hairlines, and different gait.”


“Where did the fuzz go?”

“No more fuzzy noggin”

Many people believe Joe has a “double,” but I disagree.

If I had to propose a theory, I’d say that when the Afghanistan situation erupted, Joe was either sleeping or completely out of it, so his Handlers dug up an older photo of him sitting at the table, photoshopped Kamala and the CIA in on the TVs (forgot to change the time), and passed it off as current.

What do you think the situation is?

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