New Information About Pentagon “Whistleblowers” Could Spell Disaster For General Mark Milley

General Mark Milley, the man who helped Joe Biden screw up Afghanistan and is more concerned with “white rage” than safeguarding our country from foreign foes, is in big trouble right now according to a book by Bob Woodward, which claims Milley tried to stage a “coup” against President Trump.

According to a new book by journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, concerned that then-President Donald Trump might “go rogue,” called a secret meeting at the Pentagon two days after the Capitol shootings to limit Trump’s ability to launch nuclear weapons or order a dangerous military strike.

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“You never know what a president’s trigger point is,” Gen. Milley told his senior staff, according to the authors of the new book “Peril.” Milley, who was shaken by the violence of the day, was “certain that Trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election” and was “now all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality abode,” the authors wrote.

Milley informed top military officers in command of the Pentagon’s war room, the National Military Command Center, on Jan. 8 that they should only follow orders from people who were “part of the procedure.”

Worse, Milley was communicating with wit.

He genuinely promised China that if Trump planned to “attack” them, he would inform them first.


Milley, on the other hand, appears to be being hemmed in by the walls.

Human Events editor and conservative pundit Jack Posobiec, who has some of the best “White House” contacts in the business, just dropped a bomb on Milley.

Several Pentagon officials who were there at Milley’s covert meeting are eager to testify against him under oath, according to Jack’s White House source.

“BREAKING: Several Pentagon personnel present in Milley’s secret meeting are eager to testify against him under oath, according to a White House official,” Jack claimed.

If this happens, Milley’s days are numbered; the calls to have him removed, which are currently loud, will become even louder, leaving Biden with no choice.

If he refuses, it will bite Biden in the buttocks.

Biden already appears to be protecting useless idiots in his ranks as a result of the Afghanistan catastrophe, since no heads have rolled, despite the fact that 13 of our troops were killed and innocent people were slaughtered in bungled drone assaults.

Biden is in a “damned if he does/damned if he doesn’t” dilemma once again.

If Milley is fired, his following will be enraged, but common sense Americans would be dismayed.

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