New Evidence Shows That Biden’s Failure in Afghanistan is Driving Soldiers to Consider Suicide

Joe Biden turned a situation that should have been a watershed moment in US history into the most egregious and catastrophic foreign policy error in history… Biden’s botched exit from Afghanistan was so disastrous that we haven’t even begun to touch the surface of the consequences, which will be felt for decades.

When a mentally ill, disoriented, blathering old guy is installed in the White House, this is what occurs.

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Due to Biden’s incompetence and idiocy, we lost 13 of our bravest, and numerous foreigners died at the airport, including a family of nine killed during Biden’s infamous drone strike.

All of this has been a devastating blow to the country, but no one has been hit more than our veterans and active-duty military personnel, who are watching 20 years of their blood, sweat, and tears disappear.

And the active soldiers and veterans who witnessed it all develop are now fighting to find a reason to live as they reflect on what they lost — friends, marriages, and sanity – during this 20-year catastrophe.

To make matters worse, new evidence has surfaced indicating that Joe’s poor judgments are now prompting additional veterans to consider suicide.

According to a new report, the Veterans Affairs Suicide hotline received over 35,000 calls from veterans between August 13 and August 29, as the Biden administration was in the final stages of their disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Washington Examiner reported on Tuesday that “Veterans placed more than 35,000 calls to the Veterans Crisis Line between Aug. 13 and 29, according to VA data supplied to the Washington Examiner.” The VA’s representative told the Examiner that the agency’s own data revealed an approximately 7% increase from the same time last year.

According to the Atlantic Council,

We should expect a new increase in PTSD following the end of US military operations in Afghanistan. The scenes of turmoil in Kabul, as well as unchallenged Taliban seizures around the country, add to the notion that the US has failed. Photographs of the Taliban dressed in repurposed US military uniforms and equipment, as well as accounts about Afghan interpreters and others who assisted American forces, elicit frustration and regret among veterans. Comparisons to the US withdrawal from Saigon and European officials criticizing the US of “weakening NATO” further erode American veterans’ resiliency.

“I’m now sitting here 20 years distant almost from the same event that catapulted me into the service, which was the attacks of September 11,” Afghanistan veteran Matt Zeller, chair of the Association of Wartime Allies board of directors, told CNN. And now I’m wondering if the last 20 years were entirely futile. What was the point of all the buddies I lost in Afghanistan? What was the point of their sacrifice if this was the end result? At this point, I don’t believe I’ve accomplished anything worthwhile.”

This is a complete disgrace.

It is inexcusable what Joe Biden has done to this country and our nation’s heroes.

He’d quit in shame if he had any soul or sense of honor and decency.

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