NEW DISCOVERY: Demonic Pedophiles Target Kids

And the government is their biggest accomplice – they’re promoting violent and sexual ads, transgenderism and child pornography.

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What’s going on with the world?

Especially Australia.

It used to be an overwhelmingly Christian nation, but now they are producing anti-vaxx propaganda that promotes pedophile relationships.

“Encouraging children to ally with the state against their own parents to get a vaccine they don’t need and which could be horrible for their health,” Stew Peters said Thursday. “It’s like children being trained to rat on their parents in Soviet Russia.”

On Thursday, Australian reporter Maria Zeee joined the Stew Peters Show to share an on-the-ground testimony of the insanity.

“This ad has disturbed us and shook us to the core,” Zeee told Stew. “Here we have our government paying and promoting pedophilia.”

Maria Zee also shared that Australia is planning to bring surprise vaccination clinics to schools.

“In Australia, we have a program with implied consent, even if a parent has notified a school that they do not consent to their child being vaccinated,” Zeee told Stew. “If you happen to send your child to school on this day that the surprise clinic is there, then that is considered implied consent.”

The government in the state of Victoria, which contains the city of Melbourne, paid for a TikTok commercial telling female teenagers to go on ‘vaxx dates’ with 45-year-old women and to secretly get the jab against their parent’s wishes.

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