New Details About Obama’s “Presidential Center” Have Surfaced

Obama has lectured the American people more than anyone else on the planet.

Everything we’ve done has elicited a response from him.

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We didn’t build our businesses, he said, and he believes he should decide when we’ve all made “enough money.”

None of this, of course, applies to Obama. He may make as much money as he wants, and he owns everything he’s accomplished.

Obama expects you and me to “limit” our earnings, share the wealth with others, and give credit to others for what we’ve accomplished.

And don’t forget about the environment — we must all do our share to rescue the planet and reduce our carbon impact…
And, while we’re on the subject of hypocrisy, some troubling new information concerning Obama’s OPPULENT “Library” have surfaced.

It turns out that Obama’s opulent new structure – which can’t be termed a “library” since it’s just too large for that – will come at a significant cost to the working class and the environment. To make place for Barry’s castle, 800 trees will be cut down, and the regular hardworking people of Chicago will suffer as a result of his excellency’s new EGO-inspired structure.

Obama is using his birthday to generate cash for his planned “presidential center,” a monument to the man and his legacy that is set to break construction as soon as this month, according to the Daily Wire.

On roughly 20 acres of Chicago’s Jackson Park, which is on the National Register of Historic Places and features streams linking to Lake Michigan, Obama wants to tear down nearly 800 trees and erect four buildings. A 235-foot museum tower, a conference center, an athletic facility, a library, and a 400-car garage are among the proposed structures.

Though former presidents frequently construct presidential “libraries,” this is not one because it is significantly more elaborate than what is allowed under presidential library standards.

Protect Our Parks, a group of Chicago residents worried about the environment, has filed a lawsuit in federal court to prevent the planned groundbreaking on August 16, which is being represented by lawyer and professor Richard Epstein. So far, judges have decided against them.

According to the article, ordinary Chicago residents would endure severe hardship as a result. During construction, major thoroughfares will be closed. Other roads will need to be reconfigured at a cost of $175 million, and commuting traffic will be rerouted near residential areas, according to Epstein.

According to tax documents, the Obama Foundation had nearly half a billion dollars in assets in 2019.
There are plenty of primarily black, economically poor regions in Chicago where the first black president could revitalize the city by purchasing affordable land and constructing his grandiose estate.

Epstein said his firm had located a 10-acre property nearby that would be “superior in every relevant respect” in a low-income community with good public transportation.

“They could buy the land from the city at a market rate without any of these environmental reviews and so on, but they adamantly refuse to do so” because they “wish to have the Park Avenue address” for “vanity… Epstein told Glenn Loury, “They’d like this monster to be viewed from the lakefront.”

Instead, Obama has set his sights on the famed, tony lakeside region — Chicago’s version of Martha’s Vineyard, where he owns property.

Obama is not only destroying a forest, but he is also interfering with bird migration patterns.

It’s just more of the Dems’ “rules for thee, not for me” nonsense.

Complex environmental reviews have been created by Democrats, which are frequently used to block projects such as oil and gas pipelines. The Obama Center, on the other hand, was not slowed by the same reviews.

Isn’t it convenient?

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