NEVER HAPPENED: Biden’s Story About Him Placing a “Dead Dog” On a Woman’s Porch

New details about the funny awkward story told by our dear President have emerged, stating that his words are completely not true.

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Biden has never been well-respected, considered brilliant, or even remotely “smart” by any significant standards. Despite his strong efforts to appear so.

It’s hard to tell if he’s confused or lying at this point. Does he remember things differently because of the cognitive issues he’s obviously dealing with?

“In Joe’s version of the story yesterday, he was working in the local county politics scene when he got a call from a “rude” Republican woman who was sick and tired of seeing a dead dog on her lawn. The frustrated woman called and got Joe on the phone and demanded something be done about the deceased animal. Joe claims he tried to reason with the woman, but she got really sassy and said something like, “YOU WORK FOR ME,” and again demanded that the dog be MOVED immediately,’ Wayne Dupree has commented in his report.

But, according to the National Association of Counties website, that’s not what happened at all.

Here’s their version of Biden’s story.

“In 1970, 27-year-old Biden was first elected to public office as the New Castle County, Del. Council Member for the 4th District.

He served on the council for two years before making a bid to run for the U.S. Senate where he was elected as the sixth-youngest U.S. Senator in the country’s history. He held this position for 36 years.

Current New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer recalled a story during the December NACo Board of Directors meeting that Biden had told him about his time as a council member when a constituent insisted a dead animal immediately be removed from her street. Biden arrived in a pickup truck and removed the animal himself that night.

“We’re so fortunate to have a president-elect who understands what it is like to stand in our shoes as county officials,” Meyer said.”

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