NEVER FORGET QUESTIONING: A Video Story: What Truly Happened In The Capitol?

Since, this is a personal story and a confession of an American patriot, who was actually there at the notorious black day of January the 6th – I feel obliged to pass the story forward, without changing anything in the details, which might lead to twisting the story and changing the personal opinion of the person stating it.

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Here it goes.

“On January 5th, a slew of vocal conservatives including myself spoke to a sea of Patriots in Washington DC. We were optimistic that our massive presence there would lead to a national audit of the 2020 election, and that answers about all the election irregularities would lead to uncovering the complex and epic fraud to the rest of the masses. By the time I had arrived at the Capitol on January 6th, (in case you didn’t know, the Capitol was breached way before anyone listening to Trump speak could have possibly walked there in time) dozens of people were telling me that the police were just letting people in if I wanted inside. I sensed a trap and knew the Left would like nothing more than to crucify me for something like that, and luckily I never did step foot inside. Everyone’s cell phone and data service was cut off for over a 1-2 mile radius, and there was no way to communicate with each other other than in person. By the end of it all, I ended up getting tear-gassed for no discernible reason, while I stood on the grounds peacefully chanting and singing songs next to veterans, older people, people with dogs, and other regular non-threatening folks. Thanks, Capitol police.”

“After walking miles to get out of the range of them blocking cell phone service just so I could get an Uber, I eventually got back to go over all the messages, videos, and statements that were flooding my inbox. My experiences, the videos I looked over, and the testimonies I heard from other people that were there that day NEVER matched up to what I saw being blasted all over the news, TV, and social media. My one attempt to explain what happened on FB got me to hit with a restriction for “promoting dangerous ideas” or some BS like that. I never really felt like I had enough of the answers to even write about it…until now.”

Here’s a timeline of events to refresh your memory and tell you what actually happened

1. On the day of the Capitol Riot – the Antifa were nowhere to be found… And whenever they attend a protest – you really know they are there, since they are loud and violent.

2. As footage and eyewitness testimony came flooding in after the fact, it turns out people in all-black were seen buying MAGA gear. There’s even a video of 3 of them changing in the bushes earlier that day.

3. Videos of cops removing barriers, opening doors, and waving people in start popping up all over social media, most of it ending up getting suppressed and the people suspended. There are also multiple videos of MAGA folk yelling at cops to “do something” and often attempting to stop destructive protesters themselves. These of course, weren’t the clips that made the mainstream news rounds.

The confession of the “worried American” continues, stating
“It’s also revealed at this point, that the most prominent person involved inside the Capitol, who perfectly videoed the shooting of Ashli Babbit was revealed to be the leader of an anarchist, radical leftist, anti-cop organization literally called “Insurgence USA” John Sullivan, AKA Jayden X. Who happened to enter the Capital with a CNN reporter. Who happened to have been arrested for inciting violence at another protest where a motorist was shot. Who happens to be the son of Major General Kevin J. Sullivan, who retired after being reprimanded for “accidentally” sending nuclear fuses for warheads to Taiwan, and who now so happens to work for a Pentagon consulting firm which is all part of the shadowy military-industrial complex. Who’s brother also happens to be a Proud Boy… Part of the opposing group accused of conspiracy for the riot. Who also happened to receive at least $70k for the footage. Who also happened to dress up as a Trump supporter the night before. Why?”

Will we ever get to the bottom of this?

What’s your personal opinion about the happenings from January the 6th?


Ava Garcia

A small town girl, dreaming big, expecting to change the world with presenting the truthful events of the world today. Law degree with a master in criminology, and a devoted journalist for over 7 years, and counting. "The pen is mightier than the sword."

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