Neurological Damage And A Wheelchair For This Woman Who Submitted Herself To The COVID Jab

Mona Hasegawa took the Pfizer jab, and days afterwards, she gained, after experiencing a “brain freeze” and tunability to move in her lower body.

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Wheelchair-bound Mona Hasegawa said during Tuesday’s Real Not Rare rally on the steps of the Supreme Court that she received a Pfizer shot because she wanted to “do her part to help the community stop COVID,” and in order to see her father, a dialysis patient.

“My father who lives in Canada is at high risk and I thought the best thing to do was to get vaccinated due to the fact that the media and medical professionals were saying it was safe and effective. To my knowledge at the time, the only side effects were flu-like symptoms,” she shared in her written story.

She received her “first and only” Pfizer dose on April 24. Within hours, while at a local restaurant, Hasegawa wrote:

“I suddenly felt confused, my mind froze and I couldn’t move my legs. My daughter had to hold my hand to help me leave the restaurant. I went home the next couple of days and had flu-like symptoms, but I also experienced extreme pain in my back, hips and thigh area. Even though I was feeling like this, I still pushed myself to continue my days in a normal fashion.”

Hasegawa wrote that the Saturday after the jab, she “experienced severe weakness and collapsed in the mall,” and an ambulance was called to take her to the hospital.


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