NBC Getting Really Worried About The “Woke Olympics” Reports!

Have they made a previous frame – to choose the most spoiled American “athletes”?

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To promote “mental health week”?

Should o much politics be involved in the world’s most oldest and sacred championship?!

They’ve already poisoned the NBA -and on an international level!

But the neverending cycle goes on…

According to Bizpacreview,

“NBC Universal and its advertisers are becoming worried about the success of Olympic broadcasting as TV ratings plunge and star athletes struggle, Variety reported on Tuesday.

The “disappointing” dip in views is due to a lack of athlete storylines, absence of spectators, and early morning coverage through streaming, according to the executive.

Roughly 17 million viewers tuned in for Friday’s opening ceremony, which is down 36% from the 2016 Rio Olympic numbers, according to Nielsen, Variety reported.

Sure, there may be a little of that, but deep down, they know what’s really going on. Trust me, they know.

But they can’t admit it!!!

Can they?


Ava Garcia

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