Natural Immunity Lowers Virus Transmission! Serious Diseases from C-19! STUDY!

The latest study shows that individuals who recovered from the C-19 virus are at little risk of contracting the disease again.

Qatar researchers examined a cohort of more than 353.000 people with national databases that contain data about patients with polymerase chain reaction-confirmed infections. The population contracted the C-19 virus from February 28, 2020, to April 28, 2021.

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Reinfection is when an individual tests positive at least 90 days after their first infection. Once excluding 87.500 people with a vaccination record, the researchers realized that people with natural immunity had little risk of reinfection and serious cases of the disease.

Only 1.304 reinfections were marked, 0.4%; all of these people were unvaccinated.

The odds of serious disease were 0.1%, and only four such cases were found at primary infection. Fatalities weren’t marked.

The study was shared in the New England Journal of Medicine. The experts who performed the study, Laith Abu-Raddad with Weill Cornell Medicine Qatar and Dr. Robert Berollini with Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health, investigated the effectiveness of natural immunity against reinfection, and the result was 85% greater.

“Accordingly, for a person who has already had a primary infection, the risk of having a severe reinfection is only approximately 1% of the risk of a previously uninfected person having a severe primary infection,” they said.

“It needs to be determined whether such protection against severe disease at reinfection lasts for a longer period, analogous to the immunity that develops against other seasonal ‘common-cold’ coronaviruses, which elicit short-term immunity against mild reinfection but longer-term immunity against more severe illness with reinfection. If this were the case with SARS-CoV-2, the virus (or at least the variants studied to date) could adopt a more benign pattern of infection when it becomes endemic,” they added.

“Important study showing how rare reinfection and COVID severe disease is after recovered COVID,” Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious diseases doctor at the University of California, San Francisco, wrote on Twitter.

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