National Guard Shares Pics of Raw Chicken They’re Being Given

Why are our troops still stuck in Washington, D.C.?

This is something that many Americans are perplexed by. It’s a topic worth a million dollars.

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Why does our most “beloved and famous” politician – a man literally “hailed by the country” as the most incredible leader of our lifetime (lol) – need so much security?

What is the explanation for this? Because a few hundred unarmed people got rowdy and smashed their way into the Capitol?

We saw much worse this summer, when radical crowds burned down cities in violent and terrifying riots that killed over 20 people, and the Democrats not only ignored it, but also bailed out the “protesters” and promoted more.

So, what’s the deal with the sudden fear? Isn’t it true that none of this adds up?

To make matters worse, we now know that Michigan National Guard troops stationed in Washington, DC, are being fed raw chicken.

“Soldiers from the Michigan National Guard who are guarding the US Capitol in DC have been served undercooked, underwhelming meals,” said local MI reporter Brian Abel. Metal fragments were discovered in meals on Sunday, according to one Staff Sgt. @wxyzdetroit’s first report:



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