Mysterious Happenings On Twitter Just One Day After Elon Musk Took Over

He’s not even officially in reign, but strange things are already happening on the platform.

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Many people think that the current Twitter ‘bigwigs’ will undo as much suppression, shadow banning, and censorship of conservatives as they can before Elon’s team takes over so their dirty tricks won’t become front-page headlines.

And things have gotten so bad, to the point where conservatives couldn’t even grow their accounts anymore.

They’d lose tons of followers each week and would hardly gain any back. And this has been a thing for a long while now.

Everyone assumed it was some screwed-up algorithm that stifled conservative growth and reaches. But the problem disappeared just a day after leadership changed!

Some say Twitter is rushing to undo all the bad stuff they’ve been doing, and right now they’re leveling the playing field again…and others think Twitter employees are trying to sabotage by unleashing massive bot armies all throughout the platform.

Like, for example: Tucker Carlson gained 62K followers the day Elon took over. But he lost 50K the day before.

Here’s what people online are saying and commenting:

“They’re secretly changing the source code and hiding all the secret squirrel stuff they have been doing (censorship) before @elonmusk and his team are able to look and see all the shady things they have been going on”

“Several right-leaning politicians and characters have made large gains while at the same time, left-leaning politicians and commentators have lost tens of thousands of followers. The reason why is obvious. Someone reassigned a bot network.”

“All the formerly throttled, banned, disenfranchised accounts gaining followers and being reinstated strikes me as not @elonmusk s doing, but internal engineers hoping that they can poison Twitter by allowing bots and stirring up shit.”

“They’re reversing some of the biased algorithms”

“I have seen more right-leaning posts than I have ever seen on Twitter. It’s all recommended stuff. Never seen anything like it here before. They’re lifting the suppression to hide their tracks”

“They are removing all their changes to the algorithm. All the shadow bans, and throttling. Hopefully, whoever can run a forensic audit and find out what it was, exactly, they have been doing these last few years.”

“The internet is forever, whatever they’re doing and undoing, someone will be able to go in and see what they were up to”

Anything you’d like to add from your perspective?

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