Mysterious Concrete Walls Around The White House

REmember this period last year? When the White House looked like a military zone with wires and hundreds of armed soldiers around?

Well, it might be getting worse, with no apparent reason…

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A YouTube channel by the name of Penguinsix(P6) uploaded a live stream video called “New White House construction underway as diggers arrive”.

In the video, a digger can be seen moving white concrete barriers around on the White House’s lawn.

Take a look:

Conservative Tree House published the original story on the happenings.

“These types of security barriers are sometimes erected when heads of state are planning to come to the White House. However, there doesn’t appear to be any information about an anticipated delegation or foreign dignitary.

Additionally, according to one researcher on social media {LINK}, all of the publicly available CCTV video-streams have been disabled as this work is taking place.

The perimeter fence appears to be approximately 10′ high and is made from reinforced concrete k-rails.

You never want to jump to conclusions, but given the COVID pandemic situation it’s doubtful the fencing would be for a head of the state arrival.”

What’s your wildest guess? What’s going on?

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