MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Hires Private Investigators To Deal With Fox News

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell said he hired private investigators to look into Fox News because the network refused to report on election fraud, according to him.

In an interview with Steve Banon’s War Room, he expressed skepticism about the channel’s refusal to bring him on to discuss accusations of voter fraud software and hardware corporations.

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Lindell said, “I’ve retained private investigators and spent a lot of money on them to investigate anything.”

“Who is behind the bots and trolls? Why are Facebook and Wikipedia still involved? Then there’s the big question: why aren’t there any people on Fox? Why isn’t Fox discussing Dominion and Smartmatic, as well as the election?”

Fox News has been asked for comment by the Epoch Times.

Last month, Lindell said that the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter would face jail time because they were involved in “illegal activity.”

Lindell is launching a social media platform that will be able to accommodate over a billion users in response to Big Tech censorship.

“I believe it will be able to handle billions of dollars. We cannot reach that potential if it does not.

The site will be called “Frank,” and its slogan is “the voice of free speech.” It is portrayed as a combination of YouTube and Twitter. It has an inactive landing page right now.

“It will be the best and most secure platform. Lindell told The Epoch Times, “I designed it expecting to be targeted.”

“I actually added six more servers in another location, which is the only explanation for the delay. I’ve got three separate U.S. locations and another secret one because I want redundancy. But I needed a fourth location in case someone went out there and physically damaged my things, so that was really important to me.”


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