MUST WTCH: CNN’s “Freudian Slip” By Alisyn Camerota

Oops, she really revealed a lot by mistake!

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CNN, along with Brian Stelter will be punching walls after this one!

CNN = Clown News Network.

And here’s another proof of that.

“While Alisyn discussed Joe’s insanely inaccurate and dystopian speech today in Pennsylvania, where he basically said “voter ID” is as dangerous to the county as the Civil War was, Alisyn’s main concern was that Fox News decided not to air the speech…

But it’s how she phrased it that had people’s eyebrows going WAY UP.

Alisyn admitted, probably by accident, to the few viewers watching her show, that if something doesn’t air on Fox News, then nobody will see it.

Here’s what she said: “CNN’s @AlisynCamerota complains that @FoxNews did not carry Biden’s remarks: “The people will not hear — a large chunk of the country will not hear President Biden’s message that democracy is basically, in some states, being threatened or stolen before our very eyes.”


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