MUST WATCH: Rittenhouse Lawyer Destroys Chris Cuomo in 15 Secs!

The Friday news that Kenosha teen Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all counts against him, including double homicide, after he shot three men during fiery riots last year, stroke against many Dems opinions, predictions, and presentation.

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo was in the leading top anchors against Kyle.

This is why it probably wasn’t a great idea for his producers to land him an interview with Rittenhouse attorney Mark Richards.

Cuomo began the segment by discussing the defense’s choice to bring Rittenhouse on the stand to tell his side of the story, and then began to press him on whether or not the teenager regretted going to Kenosha on the fateful evening of Aug. 25, 2020.

“100 times over,” Richards replied, explaining that Rittenhouse has said to him that if he’d known what would happen, he never would have gone to Kenosha.

“Much has been made over Rittenhouse’s presence in Kenosha that evening since he was a resident of Illinois, but less attention has been paid on the part of Cuomo and his media cohorts that, as Richards would go on to explain, the teen had family and friends there, he worked in Kenosha — a short twenty-odd minute drive from his home — and he was asked there that evening to help protect a car dealership from damage.”

Here’s the video presented to your own judgment.


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